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What? Marysville-Pilchuck high school shooting, taking a real event and twisting it, and in the media

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  1. anthonycarallo

    I visited the Marysville Pilchuck school a few weeks after the event. This poster for The Twilight Zone was on the front of the school. School had been out for a few hours and there was a young man standing in front of the school waiting for a ride. I asked him if he had been there on the day of the shooting and he said that he was, but he was in the library at the time. He said he did not hear anything. He said that he did not know any of the people involved. There was a chain link fence on the road leading up to the school, next to the athletic field covered with dead flowers that looked like they all came from the same place. A crisis counselor was standing there and a lady was standing in front of the dead flowers “grieving” with two girls. I asked her if she knew the victims (I was extremely polite) and she said yes! in a defiant way. If you are sensitive about it why go to a public visible place like that to look at dead flowers? I felt it was a staged situation. Other people were stopping.
    The casinos are organized crime/possibly drug cartels. I get the feeling the actor/victims were connected to that. Jaylen seems to have a real-ish family connected to tribal politics and another family member who worked for the UW. Many suspicious events like a drill scheduled that day and a helicopter to the best emergency hospital turned away. The event coincides with gun control legislation, but I think there is more to it than that.
    I was suspicious immediately because students were being interviewed by media immediately after the shooting who had supposedly just witnessed a mass murder. Would the school and parents allow that to happen in reality? I don’t think so. The kids were very calm and they contradicted themselves. I say fake. Below photo I took of the front of the school several weeks after the shooting.

  2. xileffilex

    Spot on K – the explanation is always “sloppy journalism” [and that’s always thrown back at me] whenever what these perps write or say doesn’t make sense. Like nobody ever reads their copy including themselves……no, you’re right, they’re highly trained professonals and they know what feeds them. “Don’t bite that hand”

    1. khammad

      Thinking back to the movie “All the President’s Men” which is the recreation of the Watergate scandal, from 1972, with Robert Redford, it appears that we are being educated about how journalism works.

      Carl Bernstein, played by Redford, and Bob Woodward, played by Dustin Hoffman, take us through their journey of fact checking, fighting editors, and going rogue. In reality, the story was probably just handed to the editor, and these boys agreed to take responsibility for it. The other option could be Bernstein and Woodward were operatives themselves.

      It’s movies like these that “teach” americans and others how journalism “works”. Classic propaganda.

      Talk to any journalist today. They will tell you it’s different now-a-days. Journalists are told what to write about by their editors. How do today’s journalists know how journalism used to be run? Movies and t.v.

      Perhaps journalists were ALWAYS told what to write.

      1. xileffilex

        I’m kinda interested in science journalists – most people don’t understand science/medicine – and we are entirely in their hands, much more than when fake shootings/crashes are reported and we can read them like a book. We can’t check the science out ourselves and apply standard hoax tests. . So we can’t tell if it’s true or not. It seems impossible that science would blow the whistle on something like space research or disease outbreaks. So lies are perpetuated. I’m sure they are handed dubious information to disseminate and can possibly see through it themselves, yet on it goes. These science correspondents in the national media play key roles, as do those in the half-way house mags like New Scientist.

        What about this recent event, hard on the heels of the Virginia explosion?

        What about the crash wreckage images?
        Do they pass the standard hoax test?

        1. khammad

          How else does one explain the role of Neil DeGrasse Tyson ?

          I can barely listen to him talk about science and space travel in the future. Humans traveling to space is the majority of his talks nowadays.

          The least intellectual of my acquaintances think he’s amazing. His grossly over simplification of physics and his utopian descriptions of the future appeals to a certain type of intellect.

          There is a video of Neil deGrasse Tyson giving a lecture at Vanderbuilt university. He is clearly drunk, which is the best way to watch him. Wait, or should I be drunk? Or both? Any way, he goes off about how NASA cancelled the moon program. He seems to be the only state sponsored scientist upset about the moon missions cancelled.

          Google “Neil deGrasse Tyson Vanderbuilt” to see the 1 hour and 33 minute video. The link was several lines long so I didn’t paste it here.

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