Explosive propaganda

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Nothing gets attention in their media like things blowing up. This is the main reason that NASA, the space division of the Dept of Fear, creates these movies.

Most citizens are numb to the space program. Even if they believe in it, they really don’t care about it. It’s doubtful any would agree to continue spending money on it, considering they see very little tangible benefit in their slave lives.

Like car recalls, shootings, plane crashes, they’re all mainly fabricated events to keep tension at the top of your mind, keep you distracted and busy, and of course broke and fearful.

Just seconds after liftoff on Tuesday, an unmanned Antares rocket exploded. This marks the first accident since began delivering cargo to the International Space Station using private operators.

Fortunately, no one was killed in the accident, but once again all eyes are on and its safety precautions.

In the years since Americans began venturing into space, more than 160 launches have failed.

We’ve compiled five of the worst accidents ever:

via Top 5 worst NASA accidents | WATCH | World | News | Toronto Sun.


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