Medical deaths epidemic

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is really only relevant to this blog because it is a false disease propagated by the media, which was the central instrument of creating the illusion. By controlling the entire 9/11 simulation from creation to management, the media and its military controllers program everyone’s talking points and thoughts through subliminal thought injections.

The same can be said of ebola. By explaining possible real deaths with the myth of viri like and Ebola, they can deflect thought and attention away from possible real causes of widespread deaths. It can also keep people from thinking about a real killer in North America: the Western allopathic medical system. Some epidemic-like :

* The US medical system kills 5,000 Americans a year.

* 106,000 deaths per year from FDA-approved medical drugs.

* 119,000 deaths per year from error-ridden treatment in hospitals.

via Industrial-strength scare-propaganda: mind control « Jon Rappoport’s Blog.

Of course the media is the deadliest of all institutions, especially one that is hijacked and run by the military.

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