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Before Ebola was Polio

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colorful polio “virus”

Diseases that are heavily promoted for their fear factor and subsequent money/vaccinations angles must be examined. Is the whole ebola media event new? Doesn’t seem like it.

Polio was the big one in the 50s and 60s. I knew someone who had a permanent limp due to “polio”, so I don’t doubt that people were affected by something en mass. It’s just the explanation that doesn’t wash, and puts in doubt the whole concept of virology in general.

This fascinating timeline showing insecticide, pesticide, and other widely used and absorbed chemicals, and how the times coincided with “outbreaks” and “vaccinations”, is instructive in showing that medical outbreaks may be nothing more than smokescreens to allow the investigation and withdrawal of industrial chemicals in society.

Remember that Africa is using long banned from the 1st World pesticides and industrial processes in large numbers. It’s no coincidence that they are at the epicenter of “outbreaks” and “diseases” now. It’s simply a repeating pattern/template that occurred long before today’s generation’s memories or histories.

A history of polio relevant to a rethinking of the infectious causation of polio.

via The Infectious Myth: A Book Project by David Crowe.

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9/11 will end a conversation

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Good discussion (usual caveats apply to the source) of how 9/11 can end a conversation when brought up.

Dale Pierce 9/11 Rekindled AE911Truth volunteer Dale Pierce returns to discuss his outreach efforts to firefighters, the significance of the term rekindled, as well as the environment of fear and silence that hes witnessed which inhibits discussion of what really happened on 9/11

* Duration 1:02h, Play Position: 40:16

* Published 11/27/14 2:09:06 AM

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* Podcast Feed: NO LIES RADIO » 911 Free Fall (…)

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NASA poop power

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One of the more amusing stories to come out of NASA’s fun fakery labs. Is there a youtube of an exploding poop rocket? That would be messy.

However, instead of designing special rockets to burn the waste, human waste can be converted into methane, resulting in enough power for rockets to bring astronauts home from exploring the moon or even more distant targets.

“The moon base would process the fecal matter into methane, a flammable gas that can be used to produce fuel for modern rockets. New techniques will see 290 liters of the gas per crew every day produced over the course of a week.”

via NASA Poop Processing Plant On The Moon: Human Waste Turned Into Fuel For Return Flights To Earth.

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ESA’s comet hoax

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This is the typical reasoning that the controlled media gives for space fakery: that it’s covering up some amazing technology such as space beams and moon colonies.

Sometimes I WISH that were true, that we are in fact somewhat as advanced as Iphones make us look to be. Sadly, I doubt we’ve ever left earth’s clutches.

Some clues talk on the comet fakery/hoax:…

Citing evidence such as the fact that there are no stars in shots sent back by the lander – and there was no live video, conspiracy theorists believe the whole thing was a fake.

The website Gutter Trash says, ‘No amount of media manipulation and computer generated images (CGI) can hide the fact that landing a tiny space probe on a comet speeding through space some 300 million miles from Earth is a technological impossibility.’

Even by the standards of internet conspiracy theories, it’s a good one – believers think the entire thing was orchestrated by the CIA to ‘condition’ mankind for a planned, man-made asteroid attack on Earth.

Yes, really.

via Was the comet landing a hoax? Here’s why the internet thinks so… | Metro News.

No, not really. The only thing real is NASA’s and now the ESA’s manufacture of fake footage to make us think they are doing something with all the alleged money they are allocated. Perhaps the majority of their budget is straight up stolen, and they are only given a small amount for bad video/photo fakery production. That would make more sense considering the lack of quality and production from their studios.

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Ebola fakery for Africom

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Media fakery and propaganda around Ebola are subsiding. One of the best results the military media can hope for is to move Africom from Germany to Liberia,  so the US and its PRC sponsors can get a firm grip on Africa and its resources (currently no African country wants to allow the US military in to occupy their country).

Episode 34 – Ebola is not an infectious epidemic. Ebola virus has not been proven to exist   David reveals his preliminary research on Ebola, and why it is probably not an infectious disease. The major problems are the shoddy nature of the original research that claimed to have found a new hemorraghic fever virus, the lack of certainty in the testing, and a diagnosis that creates the illusion of infectivity, and that no longer requires hemorraghic symptoms (such as massive bleeding from the mout

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* Podcast Feed: The Infectious Myth (…)

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Audiochat Nov 27, 2014

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Who? Ab, Ro11o, Videre, KHam

What? various


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Lying will eat at you from the inside out

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I thought this was a mannequin

No idea if this woman really has cancer (Rob Ford comes to mind). If she does, I wish her well. If she does, it’s not from the poison dust (more like Hollywood’s prop flour) from the world’s most famous twins. It’s most likely from the awful torture liars for hire must go through, lying their whole lives about the world’s greatest deception, 9/11.

Sept. 11. Depression. Alcohol. Drugs. And now stomach cancer.

That’s the latest challenge facing Marcy Borders, the woman known by most as the “Dust Lady” from the iconic photo snapped of her, distraught and covered in dust, shortly after she escaped from the Twin Towers.

via 9/11 survivor ‘Dust Lady’ faces a new demon: stomach cancer |

Google tells us she was saved by the death of Osama Sim Laden.…

‘April 18th is my clean date, and I haven’t touched drink or drugs since. The death of Bin Laden helped focus my recovery, I used to lose sleep over him, have bad dreams about Bin Laden bombing my house, but now I have peace of mind.’

These stories (can) never end. They are emotional hooks to keep reminding you of a myth that is portrayed as fact.

Those that are responsible for propagating the lie will have a very special place waiting for them when end their existence here on earth. While here, living the lie without being able to share their negative experiences is hopefully a living hell. I wonder if they have a private forum online to share their misery? Fakers Anonymous perhaps?

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One man’s art is another man’s…

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… pile of 9/11 garbage. Talk about layers upon layers of foolishness and mockery of the masses. They even created a controversy around their twisted story of metal. The stories around the myth of 9/11 get more outrageous as time goes by.

Britain's 9/11 Memorial Finally Leaves Storage - artnet News


A sculpture made with material sourced from the wreckage of New York’s Twin Towers is to be permanently displayed in London’s Olympic Park, the Art Newspaper reports.

via Britain’s 9/11 Memorial Finally Leaves Storage – artnet News.

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Clever cuckoo-ifying

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A very clever production making what we talk about crazy. Most of it is a a huge leap from our evaluation of numerology, gematria, symbolism, and coincidences pertaining to the 9/11 hoax, but maybe not to the average person.



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A List Of Fallacious Arguments

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This chart should be in all critical thinkers’ lockers – and it should be taught in all schools alongside the times-tables. I am going to do an audio on this – it’s that important. Using this tools we can dismantle most or all of the attacks against fakeologist ways of thinking.

Ad Hominem (Argument To The Man)

Affirming The Consequent

Amazing Familiarity

Ambiguous Assertion

Appeal To Anonymous Authority

Appeal To Authority

Appeal To Coincidence

Appeal To Complexity

Appeal To False Authority

Appeal To Force

Appeal To Pity (Appeal to Sympathy, The Galileo Argument)

Appeal To Widespread Belief (Bandwagon Argument, Peer Pressure, Appeal To Common Practice)

Argument By Dismissal

Argument By Emotive Language (Appeal To The People)

Argument By Fast Talking

Argument By Generalization

Argument By Gibberish (Bafflement)

Argument By Half Truth (Suppressed Evidence)

Argument By Laziness (Argument By Uninformed Opinion)

Argument By Personal Charm

via A List Of Fallacious Arguments.

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