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Our false idols, explained

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Robin’s been away, but he’s back with some videos that make you think.

I have only bought two Apple products: the apple ][+ and a couple of Iphones. This was because there were no other products like them at the time. I always leave Apple once something cheaper knocks it off. The main reason is money, but the other reason is there’s something creepy about Apple and its disciples.

I say disciples because its followers are almost religious in the zeal for the corporation. While I don’t deny they make good products, I don’t like the buzz around the company and the fanaticism that follows it. Alan Watt mentioned how Steve Jobs often dressed in black, similar to a televangelist, when he gave his tech talks. All carefully planned to propagate.

I speculate that because of Apple’s religious following, they have put in a place a social engineering tool as president to help shape and move the herd. It doesn’t appear that this new Apple president has any superior technical expertise or mass appeal like Jobs did, so they are simply using him (it?) to drive the anti-family, androgynous, metrosexual, homosexual agenda. How broadcasting one’s sexual behavior could otherwise be beneficial to a technology company is simply not explainable outside my speculation.

How does this relate to fakeology? Well, in a sense, Tim Cook is a manufactured, planned, or fake leader. He’s not there to lead a technology company. He’s there to influence and propagate a socially destructive agenda to a mass following who cling to his words and are likely influenced by them.

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Could a 9/11 hoax be successful today?

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Simon examines the 9/11 footage and its phoniness.

My question and poll is: if 9/11 was repeated in 2014, with all the researchers and their examination of other phony psyOp hoaxes , would it be as successful?

It never ceases to amaze me how the news snooze media got away with this utter farce – after showing it (repeatedly) to hundreds of millions of TV viewers.

The below clip – featuring early ABC TV reports – contains some of the most painfully contrived acting on the part of the various “heroic on-the-street” TV reporters. Watch it carefully – and a few times if needed, pay close attention to all they say and do (then try making any sense of it) – and perhaps you may start sharing my strong feeling that NONE of this was actually (and needn’t have been) filmed on the morning of September 11, 2001 :

via View topic – The PHONY 9/11 witnesses: actors only • Cluesforum.info.

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ep127-Fakeologist review and raw

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When? Tonight at 7:11pm EST

What? Ab reviews fakeologist.com and take raw calls via skype name=fakeologist

Who? Ro11o, Paul from NY



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