Could a 9/11 hoax be successful today?

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Simon examines the footage and its phoniness.

My question and poll is: if was repeated in 2014, with all the researchers and their examination of other phony hoaxes , would it be as successful?

It never ceases to amaze me how the news snooze media got away with this utter farce – after showing it (repeatedly) to hundreds of millions of TV viewers.

The below clip – featuring early ABC TV reports – contains some of the most painfully contrived acting on the part of the various 0;heroic on-the-street” TV reporters. Watch it carefully – and a few times if needed, pay close attention to all they say and do (then try making any sense of it) – and perhaps you may start sharing my strong feeling that NONE of this was actually (and needn’t have been) filmed on the morning of September 11, 2001 :

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3 thoughts on “Could a 9/11 hoax be successful today?

  1. FauxCapitalist

    Considering they had an actor in a wheelchair in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings in broad daylight, and a 35-year orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Stan Monteith, ultimately called him out as one, and nothing really happened from that, other than further waking up thousands of people like myself, leads me to see no reason whatsoever they couldn’t pull off another 9/11 today.

    If anything, they could pull it off even better, and it’s shocking to think, because the American public, especially, was less dumbed down than it is today, thanks to the subsequent flood of “reality” TV shows.

  2. Blue Moon

    The purplish prose of the commentators is a dead giveaway that this was all scripted- Same with the terrible line readings of the “witnesses”- The dumpy broad working in a trailer and dressed like trailer trash bubbles up sentiments about families and whatnot- The two black people covered in white talcum powder with only their faces wiped clean give the appearance of minstrels in black face- The front and center reporters using the smoking ruins as a backdrop is another theatricality giving away the game- The over exposed imagery is downright amateurish, but it hides the joins, so to speak, of the phony backdrop/cutout reporters that have been glued together in post production-
    Given how Sandy Hook was quickly exposed to the point that Anderson Cooper got into the fray, I’d say today we Fakeologists would call bullshit on another 911 within minutes- And with Jeb Bush poised to be the next president, you can bet that something big will be considered to get what they want, which is an overt occupying military presence on the streets- (Okay, that last bit is feverish, but we have to keep at it)

  3. xileffilex

    Interestng conjecture.
    In 2001 I didn’t have internet. Ergo all I knew was what came through my door/over my airwaves from what I have come to recognise as the usual suspects. Now we have twitter and flickr and every mobile phone has a camera. But wasn’t the Boston hoax pulled off in such conditions in front of hundreds/millons? Now we have citizen journalists, but make no mistake the reported “citizens” on Twitter/Flickr will definitely be part of the plot. You just need to clear the area or plan it in a derelict restricted part of the city. The masses still utterly trust the MSM. So the answer is perhaps.
    It certainly won’t be done in Canada though – they are totally inept if Ottawa is anything to go by and need much more drill training first. Fake deaths no problem, even when scaled up; we’ve been perfectng that for decades.


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