ep127-Fakeologist review and raw

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When? Tonight at 7:11pm EST

What? Ab reviews fakeologist.com and take raw calls via skype name=fakeologist

Who? Ro11o, from NY





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7 thoughts on “ep127-Fakeologist review and raw

  1. xileffilex

    Amy Winehouse? I don’t see any discussion on the site.
    But I’m not buying the transgender aspect

    Her birth is registered as Amy Jade in 1983. I’m not buying the death however, with this absurd, convoluted story of coroners

    One big red [yellow and blue] flag hangs over it, her Romanian private doctor Dr Cristina Romete [which the Guardian mis-spells as Christina] previously of flat D 165 Coldharbour Lane, Camberwell
    and who started her own splo Harley Street practice seven months before Amy’s “death”.

    The doctor saw Winehouse the night before she died,

    [information provided in a statement to the inquest, note, but a key witness in absentia]

    and now seemingly based in rural Aberdeenshire, Scotland

    No will made, probate 23 March 2012

    No available death certiicate online, but one could purchase one, not that it would add anything. Here’s Freddie Mercury’s, with death certified by a Dr F.G. Atkinson

    Here is the discreet surgery of the certifying doctor deep in Mayfair

    Questioning our Reality has brought up the subject of Bulsara’s death. [note, you don’t fake your own death, it’s done for you. One might not even have a say about whether it happens for you…. ]

  2. khammad

    About funny posts by member applicants: Silly Registrations


    Sometimes, there are posts on other websites where the English is weird and broken. I have come to the conclusion that some of these posts are run through a language translator.

    One time I followed a link to this website and all the words were a peculiar form of English. A bit later I realized I landed on a website in another language that had been translated.

    You can translate this website into Chinese, right now, if you wanted to. Just go to your settings.

    It then occurred to me that to hide my writing style, all I had to do was run a paragraph through a couple of translators. It is just copy and paste, your done, new identity because no one will start to notice your writing style.

    It was clear from reading the Silly Registration that this person was TRYING to hide their identity with those crazy sentences.

    Not sure if that registration has been run through a couple of translators or not. I am sure I am not the first person to think of this.

  3. khammad

    Concerning the Ottowa Shooting Hoax, the Video posted above, WOW, the narrator is very passionate. Awesome video.

  4. FauxCapitalist

    Good to hear Rollo thinking that the current Jian Ghomeshi scandal is real, and not spending much time on considerations of it being totally or mostly faked.

    It’s important to list out all the possibilities, but you have to consider the likelihood of each, and reason dictates to me that the chance of any big fakery is pretty much nil, because, as Simon Shack has talked about before, these cushy media jobs are the whole lives of these people, and without them and the corresponding public attention, they are nobodies, and their whole lives become meaningless to them.

    Ghomeshi is likely one of the few people reported to be making more than $300,000 a year at the CBC, so would money be a motivation? How much money could you compensate such a public figure for for having their entire public reputation ruined in the course of a week, and possibly for life?

    Now there is the other matter of to what extent this story may have been sat on and promoted to get a sober investigation of the Ottawa attacks out of the public’s mind. The evidence to me points to them not sitting on it for that reason, but I can certainly see some in the government and intelligence community very happy about this as a distraction now, and possibly working within the media to hype it up even more.

    1. ab Post author

      As Simon has also stated, the talking heads are 100% complicit with all psyops. If they’re told to take a fall, then they obey like any good actor. They’re paid well, and I wouldn’t go by what the media tells you they’re paid either. That’s the ultimate contradiction in fakeology!

      1. FauxCapitalist

        In the case of private companies, we can’t know for sure what they’re paid, and for “competitive” reasons, they don’t tell us exactly what the public broadcasters make, either, unlike other public officials, at least in Ontario, who make more than 100k a year. But we can safely assume it’s at least a six-figure salary, and for someone like Ghomeshi, $200k or more sounds reasonable, and as for top U.S. anchors, $1 million and more sounds believable.

        Simon said all the top anchors went along with 9/11, and they are the ones who are specifically chosen for such situations. Lower-level anchors may not go along with, or can’t be relied to go along with such operations, which I think is part of the reason they had to knock out the local New York feeds on that day.


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