Our false idols, explained

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Robin’s been away, but he’s back with some videos that make you think.

I have only bought two Apple products: the apple ][+ and a couple of Iphones. This was because there were no other products like them at the time. I always leave Apple once something cheaper knocks it off. The main reason is money, but the other reason is there’s something creepy about Apple and its disciples.

I say disciples because its followers are almost religious in the zeal for the corporation. While I don’t deny they make good products, I don’t like the buzz around the company and the fanaticism that follows it. Alan Watt mentioned how Steve Jobs often dressed in black, similar to a televangelist, when he gave his tech talks. All carefully planned to propagate.

I speculate that because of Apple’s religious following, they have put in a place a social engineering tool as president to help shape and move the herd. It doesn’t appear that this new Apple president has any superior technical expertise or mass appeal like Jobs did, so they are simply using him (it?) to drive the anti-family, androgynous, metrosexual, homosexual agenda. How broadcasting one’s sexual behavior could otherwise be beneficial to a technology company is simply not explainable outside my speculation.

How does this relate to fakeology? Well, in a sense, Tim Cook is a manufactured, planned, or fake leader. He’s not there to lead a technology company. He’s there to influence and propagate a socially destructive agenda to a mass following who cling to his words and are likely influenced by them.

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8 thoughts on “Our false idols, explained

  1. FauxCapitalist

    There’s a recent Charlie Rose interview of Tim Cook, where he reveals that it was Steve Jobs who made a big push for him to come on-board at Apple. Given that Jobs was known for delivering cutting-edge products, even at the expense of the company’s bottom line (which ultimately got him fired in 1985), and given that Jobs was in charge until 2011 and chose Cook as his successor, I see no ulterior motives, as have been alluded to.

    That being said, Tim Cook being gay, it definitely wasn’t him coming out publicly on his own without the approval of others at Apple, and it was apparently already a well-known secret there, but it was definitely a case of promoting a larger societal agenda, once the conditions were ripe, and it follows up with the resignation earlier in the year of Mozilla CEO, Brendan Eich, who was lambasted by online commenters for having supported a 2008 California ballot initiative to restrict marriage to one man and one woman.

  2. Gwynned

    Seriously. Ab, I have a son who is gay and has been identified as such from an early age. Can I ask you, is he a worshipper of Lucifer? Is he acting gay because of Hollywood? I would like to know because I don’t want him to suffer in hell for all eternity or perhaps be identified as a satan worshipper and give fodder to those who would torment him. Perhaps we should burn him at the stake and help God out by getting rid of his creative mistakes.

    1. ab Post author

      Dear Gwynned,
      I have always been a social conservative. That said, this is not the point of the post. While Robin may have a different view, mine was to agree with the use of Tim Cook as a change agent.

      1. Gwynned

        Is that wrong? Anyone in the public eye is a potential agent for social change. If a CEO coming out publicly helps to ‘normalize’ things, all the better. And if doing so helps to break up the old boys network that runs this joint, even better. I lived in that male business world. And while it has changed, in those days, I met not a few wolfs from Wall Street, whose agenda was decidedly heterosexual. Imagine being gay, liking the opera and gardening and trying to integrate into a world that is all about football, golf and screwing babes.

        Social engineering started a long time ago. How else to explain riots, death, and massive expenditures of money over how far a guy can hit or kick a ball? Are you afraid we will all be subjected to opera or something?

        AND, if there is a gay agenda, what is the need to bring in Lucifer, Satan, et al.? As far as I know, any photos of Lucifer have been photoshopped, unless you can provide evidence to the contrary?

        1. Blue Moon

          I have a gay nephew and he’s not going to hell- He’s a natural born leader and I have no doubt he will have a family- He just prefers his own gender- If there are 7 billion people on the planet, there will be a few variants- The number of teen pregnancies have plummeted because girls are going to girls for their first romances- That doesn’t seem like outright homosexuality, it reads as a trade-off: You relax oppressive patriarchal war mad voracious double-standard oppression and the women are going to try new social options- Not getting pregnant at an early age seems to be one of them- Yes, of course, Hollywood is pure evil- If they could exert more control with the exact opposite of the views they espouse, they would turn off the decadence and go back to Mitch Miller and Fulton J Sheen- There have and will always be gays- The cradle of democracy, Greece, had so much open homosexuality its a wonder they reproduced at all- If gayness is a behavior, one would have to say heterosexuality is as well- At this late date and with the survival of the species assured, sex has more functions than just making babies- That may seem like a tragedy to some, and parents can’t just put anything in their heads like a childless art bum like myself, so I do acknowledge we are all going to have a unique take on things, but no one is going to hell in my view because of youthful experimentation or a willingness to admit whose company you prefer just because of a desire for intimacy- My only beef is that people’s callous lust for more of every consumable pleasure is so indiscreet- That’s Hollywood at work-

  3. javaring

    “…the San Francisco Chronicle’s website reports that the late Apple CEO never let his kids use iPads. Writer Amy Graff quotes a New York Times reporter who asked Jobs in 2010 if his kids love the iPad. “They haven’t used it,” Jobs answered. “We limit how much technology our kids use at home.”

    “Several Silicon Valley engineers and executives, according to the aforementioned San Francisco Chronicle story, prohibit screen time at home and go so far as to send their kids to computer-free Waldorf schools.”


    Besides being “computer-free” some claim Waldorf Schools are founded on a Luciferian doctrine called Anthroposophy.

    “There are nearly 1,000 Waldorf schools in the world today. Advocates of Waldorf education boast that theirs is the fastest growing independent-school movement in the world. Many thousands of children attend Waldorf schools —where they are subjected to covert occult indoctrination.”



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