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Marathon hoaxbusterscall.com

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Pretty long and varied called tonight.  Great monologue at the beginning with Chris. Too bad it was interrupted with a caller.  When Chris is on a role, his rants are among the best.

Jon, a Shack critic, sounds oddly like Jeffrey Grump at times.  This was odd because he was recommending Grupp.

One major annoyance is caller Damon’s low audio.  Damon’s interesting,  but impossible to hear.


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Horrible luck, worse reporting

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No real facts or reporting here, just emotional triggering throughout. Also, poor photography. A few magick numbers, and subliminal names.

Now, I don’t know (how can I – I rely on the media) if guns are a big problem in Toronto. After all, it’s pretty hard to get one legally. What are the chances of ALL your children being in the wrong place at the wrong time over a decade? Seems the lottery or lightening would strike you before that. Logical minds must question!

Is this a noble lie? Sure smells like it.

Growing up, Carol Roache’s three kids were in the habit of saying “I love you” to their mom whenever they parted ways.

The echo of those words is all Roache has left. Her youngest child, Jamal, 26, was shot and killed in North York Thursday night. Her other two children, Chemere and Yannick, were gunned down within months of each other in 2002. They were both 18 when they died.

Shortly after Jamal left that night at around 9 p.m., he was killed in what Toronto police are calling a targeted ambush.

On Thursday night, police were called to a strip mall at 3306 Keele St. around 11:30 p.m. after reports of gunfire. Jamal, who was known to police

They had beautiful smiles,” she said.

via Mother of three children shot to death speaks out against guns | Toronto Star.

It takes less than 9 seconds to find a story that is suspicious in the media. How sad is that?

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