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Pretty long and varied called tonight.  Great monologue at the beginning with Chris. Too bad it was interrupted with a caller.  When Chris is on a role, his rants are among the best.

Jon, a Shack critic, sounds oddly like Jeffrey Grump at times.  This was odd because he was recommending Grupp.

One major annoyance is caller Damon’s low audio.  Damon’s interesting,  but impossible to hear.…

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7 thoughts on “Marathon

  1. khammad


    When I was researching alone, it took me a long time to understand and see the fakery. Now that I am in this community, my vision has cleared and my thoughts are crisp. This is precisely because I am in a community, this community.

    We community members have the benefit of bouncing ideas off of each other and figuring out if they are meaningful. We have the benefit of quickly sharing a large amount of knowledge. And just as quickly, we can change our minds on long-held beliefs.

    This can be paradigm changing which takes a toll on ones psyche, because you have to rethink years and years of faulty knowledge. How about watching the evening news knowing they are lying right to your face, and you are the only one in the room that knows this, and you can’t say anything. It can get you down.

    How about analyzing several beheading videos, to see which ones are fake and which ones are real. That can make you feel kinda dark.

    Realizing that most everything you know is probably wrong leaves one feeling vulnerable. Some personalities go on the attack when they feel vulnerable. And then the community suffers.
    When we get feeling dark and vulnerable, perhaps it’s time to step back and take a break. Then you can recharge and come back feeling refreshed and positive. We are all on the same side here, well, hopefully. A side that does great research, shares their ideas, and has amazing conversations.

    Possibly, the reason we come here is even more meaningful than that. It is our deep desire to be with people who think like we think, and who know what we know. Can we afford for this community to be hampered? I can’t talk to anyone at work about what I know. My family isn’t too happy about it either. I’ve got tin foil over my webcam. People probably think I am wearing it, too. So this is it. Right here. My community. If you are feeling negative and bad-tempered, take a break. Go somewhere else. And I don’t mean just leave or any other website. I mean leave all of it, leave the fakery aside, until you feel better.

    Our community isn’t that big. We all end up knowing of each other as there are a finite set of fakery websites. And so you see, we are all connected. This connectedness is what builds our community and makes it powerful.

    Our community is so powerful in fact that we have to be ‘dealt with’. People get paid to break us apart and cause distraction. That never happened in any other part of my life. Our community must possess the possibility of having great influence and changing minds. I thank all you researchers, podcasters and website owners for all your efforts in this community. It’s because of you that I have a better understanding of the world, and thus peace of mind because it’s making sense.
    Now I am here, in this community and there may be others out there looking to get in, like I once was. Making posts and videos is one way to get them here, community connectedness is another. What will we look like when they arrive? Will we be a collection of researchers who backbite or will we be a strong thriving community with cross disciplines where people are helpful, and knowledgeable as well as entertaining?

    For yourself, what do you want?

    1. aralsea

      That was really nice K Ham…from the heart. All I can say is that I like the opportunity to research and chat with people and listen to the podcasts here cuz I listen to a lot of audio throughout the week…I may not agree with all points of view but that’s ok…that’s how we learn by listening and testing different ideas.

      aral sea

    2. ab Post author

      I want more users like K. She podcasts, comments, spreads the word on other sites, is calming to disruptive episodes and doesn’t put up with billsh*t. She’s proof there are professional everyday people that can communicate effectively in fakeology. More of K and more like her!

      1. Joey Z

        If the “Empire,” which is my preferred term for the so-called NWO, is
        as petty, jealous, back-stabbing, covetous as us alleged “truth-seekers,”
        they’ll probably finish themselves off in my lifetime …. YYEEAH!!!!

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