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ep12-K Ham Radio

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When? Thu, Nov 6, 2014 19:11 EST

Who? KHam, Ro11o, Ab

Last hour some good speculation on the WTC and the lack of occupants, hollow towers, show floors, PATH train system.


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Pink dick

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Forget sex ed,  let’s teach our children about Masonic occult symbolism and what its history is.

“It’s an Obelisk and we’re turning it into a penis.”

They’re not turning it into a penis – it already is one!





H/T Ro11o

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Proud to kill a sim

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PsyOps last for a life time. As proof, we have have this continuing story about the spooky assassination of Osama Sim Laden. I say sim because there is only digital proof of this entity’s existence. So much confusion about his death date and method (not to mention the varied pixels representing him) helps deflect from the critical question of whether he was a real person or as a creation of the intelligence community.

The wording from the MI6’s Daily Mail is also carefully crafted. Is this the language required to tell a lie? Again, we have British reporting on US “affairs”, a further layer of deception.

The former U.S. Navy SEAL who claimed shooting Ossama Bin Laden has allegedly been identified, UK’s Daily Mail reported Thusday.

Rob O’Neill, 38, who has completed more than 400 missions as a Navy SEAL, was “exclusively” identified by the daily.

He is due to have a highly anticipated interview with Fox News called “The Man Who Killed Osama bin Laden”. in which “never before shared details” will be revealed.

via Bin Laden shooter identified as Rob O’Neill – Al Arabiya News.

The actor who plays this killer will be trotted around the media over the next while to continue this terroristic myth. The sad aspect of this silly deception is the culture of death that it promotes. What culture honestly can celebrate the assassination of another human? No matter how many sims the sim-terrorist was scripted to kill, it hardly merits a celebration of the assassination.

A sick group crafting sick stories every day.

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