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ep128-Fakeologist Review

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When? 9/11/14 at 7:11pm

What? Reviewing the week’s posts with commentary…a bit of a rambling mess this week I’ll confess.




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H & F on 9/11 and the Freedom Tower

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Grassroots radio personalities on the Freedom Tower and 9/11… here’s a podcast that I consider real and have been listening to for years. It gives you a good idea what “normal” people say with regards to 9/11, and in this case, the new “Freedom Tower”. The conversation meanders to many other memes of terror and fakery. This is what real people talk about when dealing with psyOps that we all here think are fake. How would you insert our way of thinking in to conversations with real people like these?

Start @ 1:28:00 for about 8 minutes.

* Show Notes: www.humbleandfredradio.com

* Podcast Feed: Humble and Fred Radio (www.humbleandfredradio.com/pod…)

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Hawking a cosmic fairy tale

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Two poster-boys of scientism, the pseudo-science celebutards used to mimic science and use it for deflection, confusion, and ultimately psyOps: Einstein and now Hawking.

Einstein, as the first celebrity scientist and the creator of the relativity theory that Hawking linked to quantum mechanics, makes a revealing comparison.

Both occupy a similar spot in the culture. Both humanize cosmic mystery. Both knew how to catch the public’s eye on matters most could never hope to fully understand. Hawking, for example, once invited time travellers to a party but sent the invitations out after it happened, so no one went (… yet?), which nicely made his point that, if time travel were possible, we would already be over-run with “tourists” from the future.

Einstein’s reputed witticism that “only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the universe,” was a reassurance that a cheeky, grandfatherly mystic was out there at the leading edge of this baffling new 20th century science, in which nothing is as it seems — not space, not time, not matter.

Even more than his ideas, however, his life has become a rich tale of success against adversity, a cosmic fairy tale, and finally, a movie.

via Human intellect in its purest form: How physicist Stephen Hawking became a celebrity | National Post.




to offer (goods) for sale, as in the street

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