Create events to make laws

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Here’s a case that I am sure was a staged event.

Great Mississauga Train Derailment Hoax

Since only the very top psychopaths move to the top of any organizational pyramid, they need to inspire/wakeup the herd they are sitting on. Changing laws and trying to get the herd to spend their money rerouting rail lines (they have to be in somebody’s back yard) is an impossible task, unless you make the herd want the law.

So how to do it? Create an event. Everything about the event will look, feel, and seem real, but the inciting incident is always staged and the ensuing management of it and its results (problem-reaction-solution) is micro-managed. This is not a fake incident per se, just one key nexus point of it. This is what confuses people when we call events or fake.

Most in the herd cannot believe that the PRC will go the lengths they do to create a Hegelian dialectic scenario. It seems like too much work. This of course is a principle of deception.

Monday is the 35th anniversary of the Mississauga Miracle.

On Nov. 10, 1979, a Canadian Pacific (CP) freight train skidded off the tracks and exploded like a bomb, spewing clouds of poisonous gas over the suburban city.

“That no one died is a miracle,” said Mayor Hazel McCallion, who coined the phase “Mississauga Miracle.”

via Mississauga train disaster sparked safety improvements | Toronto & GTA | News |.

2. Make the secret a lot more troublethan the seems worth. You will be fooled by a if it involves more time, money and practice than you (or any other sane onlooker) would be willing to invest. My partner, Penn, and I once produced 500 live cockroaches from a top hat on the desk of talk-show host David Letterman. To prepare this took weeks. We hired an entomologist who provided slow-moving, camera-friendly cockroaches (the kind from under your stove don’t hang around for close-ups) and taught us to pick the bugs up without screaming like preadolescent girls. Then we built a secret compartment out of foam-core (one of the few materials cockroaches can’t cling to) and worked out a devious routine for sneaking the compartment into the hat. More trouble than the trick was worth? To you, probably. But not to magicians.

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Often we have to wait to see why events are created for us, since some laws take time to pass and manifest. Lately, you’ll see that the laws are already written and in the chamber, ready to fire. We saw this with the Patriot Act and 9/11, and also with the recent and bill C13 in Canada.
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5 thoughts on “Create events to make laws

    1. khammad

      This is quite an amazing post, first started by Jimbo and then it continued with the additional collaboration of Tom Dalpra and Xileffelix.


      Read more:…

      If you have not read it yet, you can look forward to an amazing 360 inches of excellent research and entertainment.

      Great read gentlemen, thank you.

      This Tuesday morning, sitting in my office where I have 1 window facing the side yard and the other facing the back yard (shades fully open), crunching through my seeded whole grain toast from a local bakery smothered with Kerrygold butter from Ireland and fig jam from Santa Maria, Italy and sipping my hot cup of strong organic Ethiopian medium roast coffee on a day off on account of a public holiday, where the weather is unusually sunny, brisk and blustery, I quite enjoyed your collaborative work. (and apparently my own writing)

      Yes indeed, the whole CO2 killer gas, where the US comes to the aid, with $ in contracts, and % of fear is ramped up, feels manufactured. When reading this post, one comes away with the same set of questions: why are there only a few pictures of this event with contradictory clues, why is there no folklore of previous events, and why were there so many events in the 1970’s and 1980’s but none after.

      The CO2 killer gas phenomena appears to be a hoax as it has the floor plan of a hoax.

      Also interesting, one of the links that provided the scientific information that shows just how CO2 gas leaking from a lake can kill hundreds and thousands, link back to:

      Uncle Johns Bathroom Reader

      When events are relegated to toilet-sitting entertainment is this yet another sign they are a hoax?

      1. xileffilex

        Hey K! Glad you found those discontinuous bitty musings. They don’t read well though, certainly not mine. I realised I hadn’t watched that UK BBC Horizon documentary “Killer Lakes” – great title, like “Killer Trousers” or Killer Sparrows”….am recifying that now.

        So this African guy, cycling through the bush or forest comes across all these dead bodies [allegedly] and thinks it’s a…….CAR ACCIDENT. Who wrote his script?

        I think I’d bracket the US Geological Survey and National Geographic along with NASA, Medicins sans Frontieres, UNICEF…. I could go on.

        There are many many hoaxes perpetrated before the internet age, ergo no discussion. occasionally unearths and examines one forensically in between the barrage of present day hoaxes although the imagery and available reporting is much attenuated. It’s amazing though when he hits a raw nerve and the gatekeepers rush out in force to attack him.

      2. Tom Dalpra

        Hey thanks K. That’s really appreciated. It’s a thrill to hear you got into that thread over your seeded whole grain toast and Ethiopian coffee on, your unusually sunny and blustery day off.
        I found exploring it fascinating and broadly informative. Your comment makes me happy .

        World of Odd? …Yeh…good shout.

  1. xileffilex

    As was Lac Megantic which the Sun article refers to; but they were’t confinent enough about staging deaths to accompany the event way back then, certainly not in Canada.


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