Faux footprints

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Sami has some great comparative photos showing how the dinosaur hoax is going strong, using every everyday animal fossils as 0;proof” of .

Alleged Dinosaur Footprint, 150 million years old. :rolleyes:


Emu footprint:


Turkey footprint:


Dinosaur Fossil?


Chicken Skeleton


Dinosaur or Duck?



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2 thoughts on “Faux footprints

  1. smj

    in 1913, the year that the creature from jekyll island was made law by the federal reserve act, a governor of the bank of england named v.c. vickers wrote a children’s book that featured strange illustrations of proto-dinosaurian fanciful fowl.

    here’s the last line of the book:

    the sun is setting– can’t you hear a something in the distance howl!!?
    i wonder if it’s– yes!! it is that horrid google on the prowl!!!


    perhaps the art of pale ontology was also invented in somebody’s garage somewhere in the silly cons’ valley .

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