Simon challenges Fetzer

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No two researchers have influenced me more than Simon Shack of and Jim Fetzer of

Simon and others have reinforced my conviction that Fetzer is the last level of gatekeeping.

Simon illustrates the final level:

So here’s my first HONEST QUESTION to Dr Fetzer:

HOW are the two below images of the collapse consistent with each other, Dr Fetzer?


Or, in other words:

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For the new to this blog, let me be clear (performative!): the clearest, most concise research and most probably the closest explanation of what happened on /01 can be found at There is no other site (besides this promotional one) that lays it all out and is closest to what I think is the truth.

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1 thought on “Simon challenges Fetzer

  1. khammad

    Here are some additional Open Questions for Dr. James Fetzer:

    1. Please explain why conventional explosives, given enough time and money, could NOT have taken down the twin towers?

    2. Considering that September Clues clearly shows the apparently separate news stations using the same single feed, have you researched the contracts between the media outlets involved in sharing these feeds?

    3. Have you considered that separate media outlets are working with each other, instead of against each other, in a coordinated effort?


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