Little yellow dishwashers

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No one simplifies why we could not  see an alleged satellite in LEO better than Simon can.

Here are my thoughts, anonjedi – on the top of my head. However ‘unscientific’ the following little discourse may be, I hope it may be considered as a fair / reasonable / no-nonsense reality-check of the optical implications of :

0;Seeing with our bare eyes a dishwasher-sized object at a distance of about 300km”.….

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1 thought on “Little yellow dishwashers

  1. khammad

    This summer, before I had to go back to work, I did a lot of research on satellites. Mostly on how we can see them, standing here on earth.

    They have no outer lighting systems, no running lights like a plane.

    What we see, according to the space scientists, are reflections off of the satellite from the sun, either in a ‘glint’ which is a very flat surface catching a lot of sun all at once, and reflecting it back to your eye, or off of a lot of little surfaces, so not quite as bright, but lasting a longer time.

    Now consider the object is a little yellow dishwasher, making a reflection from the sun right to your eye ball about 300km away. As reflections are like mirror images, meaning to see it you have to be symmetrically lined up, the probability of actually seeing a satellite are highly unlikely.


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