Audiochat – Nov 16, 2014

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Who? Tom Dalpra and Ab


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1 thought on “Audiochat – Nov 16, 2014

  1. khammad

    This audio is a perfect example of how we fakeologists discuss issues. The particular issue is brought up, put into context, points are considered and then a working hypothesis is made. A “working” hypothesis is one that is in transition, meaning it will probably change as new information comes to light.

    The awesome thing here is that we have the opportunity to discuss it.

    If you, the reader, have been hanging around Dave J’s site are tired of getting yelled at and called names by Dave J when you might disagree, register here.

    When you listen to this audio chat, you will see that our discussion style is open, friendly and supportive.

    Nobody here is “out to get” Gwynned, Frank or for that matter, Dave J or DGB. We look for patterns and discuss them.

    Have you noticed any patterns you would like to discuss?

    There is also the off-air audio chat option.

    Hope to chat with you soon.


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