The 1993 WTC bombing PsyOpera

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Really bad soap/psyOpera footage. Of course, it’s better than General Hospital. Actually, I think it’s on the same level of acting. Since the standard meal for TV daytime viewers is/was game shows in the morning and bad soap operas in the afternoon, it’s no wonder this very bad movie could be sold as real. After all, TV is the modern man’s reality.


I know, most people won’t have the time or patience to look into this old, classic . But if you do, I trust that you will readily see that it was nothing but a news media dress rehearsal for “the real thing” ()…

You only need to watch about 30min or so of this impressive (almost 6-hour-long) CBS2 TV archive of the event – to realize beyond any reasonable doubt that ALL of the TV anchors / street-reporters / “eye-witnesses” (crisis actors) of this supposed terror event – were ALL in on the hoax. Enjoy the young Brian Williams (at 1:24:22, for instance) as he ‘makes the grade’ to become a star media liar clown !

I swear that I laughed out aloud throughout my patient viewing of this totally contrived, stage-managed TV soap opera. I hope you do too.

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  1. xileffilex

    I can’t laugh for fear of being labelled smug.
    The helpful BBC correspondent that day was John Leyne. The 2 minute video clip is unavailable at the current page, but it opens at an archived version of it:

    One actor said it took him 70 minutes to climb down 105 floors. No internet trace for “John Cune” who was allegedly trapped by smoke.

    Strange thing is John Leyne became Jon for Jonathan by the time of his death of a brain tumour in 2013 aged 55. I’m sure the BBC wouldn’t get it wrong on its website would it?……
    He.. went on to Oxford to take an MPhil on the subject of global terrorism.

    From 1992 to 1994, he served as United Nations correspondent in New York. After postings in Europe and the Middle East, he became state department correspondent, based in Washington DC, in 2001……In 2011, Leyne was one of the first western journalists to reach Benghazi, the fulcrum of the rebel campaign against Gaddafi.

    He was on his way to his office in the Pentagon when the building was attacked on 9/11.

    John who had now become Jon Leyne, was busy on 9/11 getting this vocabulary for English speakers round the world up and running so we could digest the fake images, published Sept 12 2001…

    Unfortunately the audio won’t plan any longer but Jon’s text is there.

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