Audiochat Nov 19, 2014

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Who? KHammad, Ro11o

What? Ro11o takes Jungle Surfer and Dave J to task — and he’s angry.


Heh Heh …Envy is a Curse Poor Ol Jungle and his 100-300 views videos…..Kham hits the Jackpot with Stevie Wonder and Jungles spitting chips Hahaha —->…

Jungle sounds like a real ****en bully on this video … not bad for a Vegan…Ill stick it Jungle and Dave J on Kham radio tommorrow if you like Kham….I ****en hate Bullies…cheers Rollo


Zombie bees called zombees

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hmmm, let me check

got it
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4 thoughts on “Audiochat Nov 19, 2014

  1. Tom Dalpra

    Jungle called Khammad a ‘he’ but then called her another Betsy Magee.

    No big deal, but I think he was aware of her true gender and was just throwing in some gender confusion again! haha he can’t help himself. 🙂

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