3 thoughts on “Our work will never be done

  1. el sushi de la mancha

    Well…for these sleepy people 9/11 never really happened indeed. It was just another regular day with business as usual and your daily dose of TV fakery and all that. And it worked.And still works. Sometimes I even wonder whether the perps really need to keep pushing the controlled opposition movements super far given that the masses seem to be forever “comfortably numb”. It just works naturally, with some sort of effortless “laissez-faire” strategies that generally don’t require too many counter-strategies.

  2. Blue Moon

    I can believe some people are this moronic but I am certain these are all members of that free floating troop of actors in the employ of the military media- Those black budgets have to be spent- Why waste time trying to get enough real idiots to fill the spot with their stupidity when you have assets all over New York who need something to do to justify the retainer fee they live on? UK style Wayne and Garth are here presenting the opportunity for Brits to look down their posh noses at dumb Amurricans while the noose slowly tightens around their own distracted necks- (Check out the other two videos on Commercial Classics’ You Tube page and tell me this ain’t a spook-bot page)

  3. cj

    According to my current calculations, 2 months 9 days from the last occurrence. These things happen every year 🙂


    That’s crazy that some people don’t remember when *that* 9/11 happened. I always remembered that it was on a Tuesday as well, right from the beginning. Just a few days ago I asked another person if they remembered which day of the week was 9/11/2001 and they could not.


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