Pot pourri of fakeology

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Another good hoaxbusters call with Chris, Markus, and John Adams.

Among many topics is Markus’ growing frustration with Frank The Salt Guy and his insistence that Dallas Goldbug is a legitimate researcher.

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5 thoughts on “Pot pourri of fakeology

  1. khammad

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    If your thoughts were disorganized after reading what anounceofsaltperday just posted, it is because they were supposed to be disorganized.

    Besides being sarcastic and accusatory, his posts contain several subjects per paragraph, too many questions to respond to, incomplete thoughts and false accusations.

    This type of posting does not add information to a topic or invite discussion.

    You can read more about how these things work at Clues Forum in the thread ‘Truthers and shills’






    . it . is . time . for . you . to . go .

  2. anounceofsaltperday

    If the guy that plays “the Fonz” isn’t playing John McCain, then why did the Queen of England give him a knighthood? And how come Americans are able to accept a Knighthood where they are pledging loyalty to a foreign ruler???

  3. anounceofsaltperday

    So lets be clear here. Dallasgoldbug is “poisoning the well” by presenting a case that there was no JFK assassination? Please explain who was the first person to put forward that idea if it wasn’t dallasgoldbug? Is Markus Allens clearly saying that Tina Fey is NOT Jennifer Saxton Greenburge? Is anyone addressing the outcome that Lloyds of London is now owned by AIG as a result of 9/11???

    Who cares if he is not right all the time? Who cares if he “poisoning the well” whatever that is supposed to mean.

    As I say AD NAUSEUM and Ab, Khammed and Markus Allen refuse to discuss is that Dallasgoldbug puts forward easily disprovable hypothesis that NO ONE has been capable of disproving.

    Is there actually a senator called Gabby Gifford? If there is, how can she be married to an Astronaut, when astronauts don’t even exist??? Yelling loudly at me, making videos complaining about me is NOT disproving Dallasgoldbug.

    This audio cuts Alex Jones, a completely obvious shill that provides no workable hypothesis, more slack than is given to dallasgoldbug.

    You guys do what you want to do, but I will simply say that being cross with me is just childish. But hey, if you enjoy being back in primary school, why not?

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