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noliesradio.org/archives/91555 No lies radio interview with teacher

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5 thoughts on “ep13-KHam Radio

  1. Jiller

    K…Ab…enjoyed your talk.  Wish I wasn’t autochat illiterate or I would have called in.   You’re on the side of sanity in the Dallas Goldbug thing.  Seriously?…I can’t believe anyone believes that.  Your shill list (not sure how serious that list is) really opened my eyes to Mike Adams.  I was a huge fan of his but when I saw him on your list and I took a 2nd look, I was blown away by how taken I had been of him.  I saw him in a completely different light this time around and was surprised I had missed that before. So…I guess in that respect I can see how people can be fooled by the DGB thing.    Just an FYI, I totally disagree with the listing of Antony Sutton on the shill list.
    Good suggestion about posting topics beforehand to discuss on K’s shows.  I for one went down the McCartney rabbit hole for months and came up only to go down the Bob Dylan hole.  He definitely was replaced (eye color and talent are the forensics there).  That’s a topic I’d enjoy discussing. Or mind control which I know Ab poo-poos as propaganda but which I firmly believe is deeply rooted in these shenanigans. Hard to prove, yes, but I think if we’re ever to figure out how they pull these things off we need to delve into that arena.

    Anyway, good show, K. Thanks for putting the effort into doing it.  It is enjoyable.  

  2. Blue Moon

    K Hamm- I haven’t quite finished listening to this episode but I have this chance to send this along- Here is a blog post series that examines the phenomenon of ARG- Alternative Reality Games-This is heavy and dense but if you want to know how something like, say, Ferguson can keep going, the story of Teresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake is instructive- These were a pair of uber urban hipsters who allegedly committed suicide several years ago- The blog suggests they were not real even though they and their work were supposedly well known- The story of Frank Weizner seems almost quaint compared to the level of deception available today- The author of this blog (I actually believe its a committee- “XDell” the author, once forgot I had posted several comments in the past) covers alot of alternative research and is not quite onboard with the fakeologist position, but there is a treasure trove of goodies in there just the same- Keep broadcasting- You’re doing a great job- xspotreader.blogspot.com/searc…

    1. khammad

      Thank you for the encouragement, I appreciate that!

      I went to xspotreader Are the stories fiction? I am not quite understanding their purpose. Good reading, though.

      1. Blue Moon

        K- I take the posts as non-fiction related, if that’s a legitimate description- For example, his series on John Lennon assumes he’s dead but he does poke many, many holes in the official story without insisting on a final, irrevocable conclusion- That’s one reason I read the guy(s)- As a Fakeologist you are not required to crazy glue your convictions to one permanent solution to any topic- Besides, after reading The X Spot I came upon this: mileswmathis.com/lennon.pdf
        Fact based fiction? I don’t know but I’m sure glad these bloggers are out there- (As for Mathis’ math and science papers, that’s your bailiwick- I nearly got expelled from high school because my math skills were non-existent)

  3. xileffilex

    I’m still listening., K. But I think this post at CF by someone called MrSinclair gets to the heart of our problems: he mentioned Nodisinfo [which is one site which shoots from the hip at hoaxes and staged events and actively investigates images and reports from past events as well as current ones]

    They put together a credible article exposing one or another event as fake and then ruin the credibility of their own findings by finishing with a finger pointed at the Zionists.
    Until it is firmly established that an event is faked and a lie I see it is as counterproductive to make accusations as to who is responsible for it. One of the many strengths of this site [i.e. CF] is keeping the focus on what really did and didn’t happen.

    “….credible article….” I really do think that Nodisinfo also focuses on what did and didn’t happen – mostly didn’t. Isn’t that the normal direction we follow, against state controlled and media fakery?

    Just wondering when and how a drill or hoax is established as a faked event, and by whom and how communicated. Quot homines, tot sententiae…..

    And I’m still waiting for the first official report on any suspicious event to come out which subsequently corrects it as a hoax/drill/staged/fake event and describes in minute detail how they/powers that be/state carried out the deception.

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