Will there be melancholy reflections on the 9/11 hoax?

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Probably wishful thinking , but the History of the Bathtub hoax sure it a good lesson on hoaxes and how difficult, if not impossible, they are to undo.

After eight years passed, and the faux-history was still circulating, Mencken decided the joke had gone far enough. It was time to reveal what he had done. On May 23, 1926 he wrote a front-page article in the Chicago Tribune titled 0;Melancholy Reflections” in which he exposed his . Excerpts from this article follow

via Mencken’s History of the Bathtub, 1917.

h/t Chris of Hoaxbusterscall.com

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1 thought on “Will there be melancholy reflections on the 9/11 hoax?

  1. Hoi Polloi

    I’ve sometimes used the Patterson Bigfoot hoax confession to make this point, but this bubble one is even better because it doesn’t delve into difficult-to-research topics.

    Same idea, and one we have a hard time appreciating. Telling people to unimagine something is true after they have been fooled …

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