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Ottawa hoax discussion

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Jason contributes here occasionally and has some interesting musings in the Ottawa Shooting hoax.

Jason Erb has been writing for his blog, Exposing Faux Capitalism, since the start of the global financial collapse of 2008 and has been hosting his own weekly radio show since 2012. Jason covers economic, financial and political issues from a unique and uncompromisingly fact-based perspective. In the first hour, we’ll talk about the Ottawa shooting when Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, an Islam convert fatally shot Corporal Nathan Cirillo, a Canadian soldier and then launched an attack in the nearby Centr


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Infectious Ebola talk

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Calm,  common sense podcast on viri for propaganda.

“There is no objective, reliable or authentic evidence that Ebola has ever been isolated from a human being,” says biochemist David Rasnick, Ph.D. Should you believe this scientist or the well-known picture of the yarn-like virus said to be decimating West Africans — literally as we speak in November 2014? When the U.S. Centers for Disease Control warns of a “Zombie Apocalypse,” it may be time to question who is defining your reality. . . . It’s been 37 years since publication of the first three


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