Clever cuckoo-ifying

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A very clever production making what we talk about crazy. Most of it is a a huge leap from our evaluation of numerology, gematria, symbolism, and coincidences pertaining to the , but maybe not to the average person.



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1 thought on “Clever cuckoo-ifying

  1. khammad

    Cook St. Productions is a group of actors making videos. Pitch Perfect 237 is supposed to be one of their productions, showing a comedic take on conspiracy videos. Problem is, it is not funny. Their other videos are kinda funny:

    Mumford & Pubes
    Sex Line 1
    Sex Line 2
    Beer with Jesus

    Notice how the video titles are slightly controversial?

    Pitch Perfect 237 (9/11) is also controversial.

    It seems like the acting troupe called Cook St. Productions are using controversial subjects to build humor around to boost their views.

    Are they a controlled group?

    One may argue that the ‘funny’ part of Pitch Perfect 237 is imagining that wholesome Anna Kendrick could EVER be in control of a movie in order to get out her message that 911 was an inside job. Anna Kendrick – master manipulator. Ok, its funny, maybe, on account of the fact that she appears so innocent.

    A look at the attached graphic shows she has had quite the transformation, and is HIGHLY PROMOTED. That in itself shows we have the right to be suspicious.

    Wrapping this idea up:

    Pitch Perfect 237 is a 911 conspiracy video made on purpose to be funny, but in actuality, it is confusing and blurs the lines for those seeking truth.

    – We can now be suspicious of Cook St. Productions.

    As for Anna Kendrick, holy cow is she promoted! Her images on the internet are among the most numerous.

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