Interstellar flogs the Apollo myth

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The paid whores who are our culture creators get to act in big movies, and in return they must do the PRC’s bidding and sell the myths – in this case the famous that was the Apollo series of movies.

Here’s an article that talks about the latest bit of space propaganda, Interstellar. The clip states that the hoax was done to bankrupt the Soviet Union. This may be partially true, but it’s also ignoring the fact the media of the West is as controlled or even more controlled than the former Eastern Bloc.

This article and clip features many the fallacious arguments: appeal to ridicule, appeal to authority, appeal to absurdity.

I wonder if it is true that most Americans don’t believe they went to the moon.

Of all of the conspiracy loonies currently at large — birthers, and grassy-knollers, we’re looking at you — there are none quite as febrile as the folks who claim the Apollo moon landings were faked. The theory (with apologies to the word “theory”) presumes that all of the 400,000 people directly or indirectly involved in the moon landings schemed in perfect secrecy to pull off the greatest scam in history, and have maintained their silence for more than two generations since the lunar program ended in 1972. It would be easier just to go to the flipping moon.

via Watch an Exclusive Interstellar Clip With Matthew McConaughey | TIME.

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2 thoughts on “Interstellar flogs the Apollo myth

  1. lux

    I take this (the “Interstellar” movie) as a good sign. It means the public doubt concerning Apollo has risen to the point that the nutwork feels a need to make a propaganda piece like this.

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