Lying will eat at you from the inside out

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I thought this was a mannequin

No idea if this woman really has cancer (Rob Ford comes to mind). If she does, I wish her well. If she does, it’s not from the poison dust (more like Hollywood’s prop flour) from the world’s most famous twins. It’s most likely from the awful torture liars for hire must go through, lying their whole lives about the world’s greatest deception, 9/11.

Sept. 11. Depression. Alcohol. Drugs. And now stomach cancer.

That’s the latest challenge facing Marcy Borders, the woman known by most as the 0;Dust Lady” from the iconic photo snapped of her, distraught and covered in dust, shortly after she escaped from the Twin Towers.

via 9/11 survivor ‘Dust Lady’ faces a new demon: stomach cancer |

Google tells us she was saved by the death of Osama Sim Laden.…

‘April 18th is my clean date, and I haven’t touched drink or drugs since. The death of Bin Laden helped focus my recovery, I used to lose sleep over him, have bad dreams about Bin Laden bombing my house, but now I have peace of mind.’

These stories (can) never end. They are emotional hooks to keep reminding you of a myth that is portrayed as fact.

Those that are responsible for propagating the lie will have a very special place waiting for them when end their existence here on earth. While here, living the lie without being able to share their negative experiences is hopefully a living hell. I wonder if they have a private forum online to share their misery? Fakers Anonymous perhaps?

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