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Ebola fakery for Africom

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Media fakery and propaganda around Ebola are subsiding. One of the best results the military media can hope for is to move Africom from Germany to Liberia,  so the US and its PRC sponsors can get a firm grip on Africa and its resources (currently no African country wants to allow the US military in to occupy their country).

Episode 34 – Ebola is not an infectious epidemic. Ebola virus has not been proven to exist   David reveals his preliminary research on Ebola, and why it is probably not an infectious disease. The major problems are the shoddy nature of the original research that claimed to have found a new hemorraghic fever virus, the lack of certainty in the testing, and a diagnosis that creates the illusion of infectivity, and that no longer requires hemorraghic symptoms (such as massive bleeding from the mout

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