Before Ebola was Polio

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Diseases that are heavily promoted for their fear factor and subsequent money/ angles must be examined. Is the whole media event new? Doesn’t seem like it.

Polio was the big one in the 50s and 60s. I knew someone who had a permanent limp due to “polio”, so I don’t doubt that people were affected by something en mass. It’s just the explanation that doesn’t wash, and puts in doubt the whole concept of virology in general.

This fascinating timeline showing insecticide, pesticide, and other widely used and absorbed chemicals, and how the times coincided with “outbreaks” and “vaccinations”, is instructive in showing that medical outbreaks may be nothing more than smokescreens to allow the investigation and withdrawal of industrial chemicals in society.

Remember that Africa is using long banned from the 1st World pesticides and industrial processes in large . It’s no coincidence that they are at the epicenter of “outbreaks” and “diseases” now. It’s simply a repeating pattern/template that occurred long before today’s generation’s memories or histories.

A history of polio relevant to a rethinking of the infectious causation of polio.

via The Infectious Myth: A Book Project by David Crowe.

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2 thoughts on “Before Ebola was Polio

  1. khammad

    It is highly probable that the group of symptoms we called polio was not from a specific virus, but from a host of conditions.

    It is also highly probable that the group of symptoms we called polio had significantly decreased in the population in inverse proportion to good community hygiene.

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