ESA’s comet hoax

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This is the typical reasoning that the controlled media gives for space : that it’s covering up some amazing technology such as space beams and moon colonies.

Sometimes I WISH that were true, that we are in fact somewhat as advanced as Iphones make us look to be. Sadly, I doubt we’ve ever left earth’s clutches.

Some clues talk on the comet fakery/hoax:…

Citing evidence such as the fact that there are in shots sent back by the lander – and there was no live video, conspiracy theorists believe the whole thing was a fake.

The website Gutter Trash says, ‘No amount of media manipulation and computer generated images (CGI) can hide the fact that landing a tiny space probe on a comet speeding through space some 300 million miles from Earth is a technological impossibility.’

Even by the standards of internet conspiracy theories, it’s a good one – believers think the entire thing was orchestrated by the CIA to ‘condition’ mankind for a planned, man-made asteroid attack on Earth.

Yes, really.

via Was the comet landing a hoax? Here’s why the internet thinks so… | Metro News.

No, not really. The only thing real is ’s and now the ESA’s manufacture of fake footage to make us think they are doing something with all the alleged money they are allocated. Perhaps the majority of their budget is straight up stolen, and they are only given a small amount for bad video/photo fakery production. That would make more sense considering the lack of quality and production from their studios.

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