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Managing fakeologists

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Huffington Post working hard to tell you how right you are to go down the conspiracy theorist route, but then after all that work it really was terrorists and an incompetent government that caused 9/11.

One might end up agreeing with this line of reasoning if all you do is end up at the Alex Jones cul-de-sac of thinking. That IS where many do end up. To go a step further (the final step?) into fakeologist.com and cluesforum.info is an even bigger, lonelier leap. You WILL be attacked and marginalized even more if you end up here, and for most, that just isn’t a palatable option.

No investigation is complete into 9/11 or JFK until one thoroughly understands psyOps, media fakery, and how they are intertwined into a total spectrum dominance helix. Only then will you realize how wrong this article is, and how complicated this seemingly simple events are – and for how long psyOps have been happening.

The more I read Bamford’s book, the more I began to see what had really happened that tragic day. We were attacked by terrorists, and there were multiple institutional failures within the federal government. The George W. Bush White House was at the very least unimaginative and deaf to warnings about terrorist attacks on U.S. soil that appeared in CIA briefings for months leading up to 9/11. The government was incompetent, not a co-conspirator.

Taking a step back, I came to understand how much bureaucratic infighting, turf protection and ass covering came before and after 9/11. As I learned more about how the government worked (and didn’t work) through reading books and multiple news sites, both right and left, I came to agree with what Philip Shenon, a veteran investigative journalist who covered 9/11 and its aftermath closely, said when asked about 9/11 conspiracies. He explained that he had “trouble accepting some of the big conspiracy theories about 9/11 if only because, after 20 years in and out of Washington, I just can’t imagine the federal government being nearly competent enough to carry out what would have been such a vast, complicated operation in total secrecy.”

via Here’s Why 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Still Thrive In America.

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