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The JFK pre-show

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If there’s only one message you take from this website, let it be this: the media is strictly controlled, and carefully scripted to insert ideas and thoughts into your mind to shape your behaviour. It’s sophisticated, scientific, and military in its execution.

This is one powerful video.

Get over it, folks: the MSM (mainstream media) were in on it.

In other words (and for those who just don’t seem to get it), the MSM were active players in the JFK ‘disappearing act’.

What exactly happened with JFK we will probably never know – but more than likely, he wasn’t killed in Dealey Plaza on 11/22 1963.


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Flu hoax, revisited

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Another year, another batch of flu vaccine that isn’t effective. Even people who don’t follow the media should notice a pattern of ineffectiveness, year after year. So what could the explanation be, other than that the whole concept of vaccines should be questioned?

While I never thought of vaccines as a hoax, the more I research them, the more I think they do nothing except cost money. I don’t know if they cause harm, but I have my doubts that they help.

This year’s flu vaccine may not be as effective against the predominant influenza strain that is circulating this flu season, which tends to cause more severe illness than other strains, U.S. public health officials are warning.

via Flu vaccine a poor match for dominant strain, CDC warns | CTV News.

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Ferguson and Cosby and bodycameras

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Another good discussion from Chris and Markus, helping break down the hoaxes of the day. The coincidence/scripting of the LA riots and the end of the Cosby show and the Ferguson riots and the attack of Cosby was particularly interesting.

HOAX BUSTERS CALL: Uploaded Call: Markus Allen(truthin7minutes.com)

As I finish listening to the audio, Markus brings us fakeologist.com and how a Dallas Goldbuggery thread reference to him was deleted. As far as I know of, nothing was deleted in the thread… some may have been moved to the derailing room.

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Is GMO a hoax?

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I often considered this,  and apparently our old friend Evil Edna or Psyopti-gone has too in this public email list post.

What if GMOs are entirely a hoax? What if the whole science of genetic engineering is another fraud? A Big Lie, in all practical senses? What if no man, not even the monsters of Monsanto, can tamper with the genetic structure of any living organism?

What if the great argument over GMOs, and their safety, is just another strategy of tension?
A strategy in which “farming traditionalists” and “environmentalists” are pitted, in a classic divide et impera, against the broader scientific community?

What if, even today, the only practical way of “modifying” genes is by selective breeding of the plant- or animal-stock, over many generations? In other words, the fields of animal and plant husbandry can boast no real advancements since the beginning of time?
We know now that the “cloned” Dolly-The-Sheep was, also, just another fake. Yet we’re told that genetic fingerprinting is a well-developed and accepted mainstream science. So how did the Dolly fraud go undetected for so long? When a simple genetic test should have exposed the Fraud at the time? What truth then to genetic fingerprinting and other related sciences?
A rather obnoxious “expert” in the science of food safety said that the anti-GM lobby is driven by “ignorance”. However offensive his comment, it may well be true, if GM food is a hoax!

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ep14-KHam Radio

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When? Thu Dec 4, 2014 7:11pm EST

Guests: Ro11o and Ab


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