Is GMO a hoax?

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I often considered this,  and apparently our old friend Evil Edna or Psyopti-gone has too in this public email list post.

What if GMOs are entirely a hoax? What if the whole science of genetic engineering is another fraud? A Big Lie, in all practical senses? What if no man, not even the monsters of Monsanto, can tamper with the genetic structure of any living organism?

What if the great argument over GMOs, and their safety, is just another strategy of tension?
A strategy in which 0;farming traditionalists” and “environmentalists” are pitted, in a classic divide et impera, against the broader scientific community?

What if, even today, the only practical way of “modifying” genes is by selective breeding of the plant- or animal-stock, over many generations? In other words, the fields of animal and plant husbandry can boast no real advancements since the beginning of time?
We know now that the “cloned” Dolly-The-Sheep was, also, just another fake. Yet we’re told that genetic fingerprinting is a well-developed and accepted mainstream science. So how did the Dolly fraud go undetected for so long? When a simple genetic test should have exposed the Fraud at the time? What truth then to genetic fingerprinting and other related sciences?
A rather obnoxious “expert” in the science of food safety said that the anti-GM lobby is driven by “ignorance”. However offensive his comment, it may well be true, if GM food is a hoax!

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5 thoughts on “Is GMO a hoax?

    1. ab Post author

      I too am puzzled about DDT. Perhaps it IS dangerous to humans, and the story about it being dangerous to bird egg shells was a cover so the company wouldn’t get sued. Perhaps polio was a way to cover the story as well as make some money.

      The sad reality is that we can’t seem to get a real answer out of what’s up and what’s down.

    1. UNreal

      GMO undoubtedly makes food more expensive and less nourishing…
      maybe adding some DNA ‘magic‘ helps hide the real culprit that might well be Roundup* pesticide ?
      the Monsanto branded ‘RoundUp’ pesticide is supposed to be worse than DDT (!) that is now linked to the eruption of the Polio epidemic (Mass Acidic Poisoning).

      *Glyphosate herbicide (RoundUp) is the world’s most commonly used herbicide
      **DDT was released in 1945 for mass consumption, Polio erupted in 1946…

  1. smj

    i don’t believe in x ray crystallography or x ray astronomy so i can not believe in any of the purported discoveries the techniques have produced.

    the x ray scattering hustle was run out of the cavendish lab at cambridge by most of its 29 nobel winners……

    and x rays being absorbed by our atmosphere was the excuse for rockoons and telescopes in space (x ray detectors)……

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