The JFK pre-show

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If there’s only one message you take from this website, let it be this: the media is strictly controlled, and carefully scripted to insert ideas and thoughts into your mind to shape your behaviour. It’s sophisticated, scientific, and military in its execution.

This is one powerful video.

Get over it, folks: the MSM (mainstream media) were in on it.

In other words (and for those who just don’t seem to get it), the MSM were active players in the ‘disappearing act’.

What exactly happened with JFK we will probably never know – but more than likely, he wasn’t killed in Dealey Plaza on 11/ 1963.….

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7 thoughts on “The JFK pre-show

  1. Johan Backes

    Last Words JFK Heard Before He Was Shot

    “Dallas was a dangerous place. John F. Kennedy was warned, ‘Don’t go to Dallas,’” Killing Kennedy screenwriter Kelly Masterson shares in an exclusive with Yahoo TV.

    Before the shots rang out, taking the life of the vibrant young President, Mrs. Conally turned back (she was seating in the front, Kennedy and his wife in the back seat) and said:

    Mr. President, you can’t say Dallas doesn’t love you.”

    John Faking Kennedy responded with his last words, allegedly

    That’s very obvious…

    I am going to anagram the above two statements below, you will be surprised to see the sub context in these words whether they are scripted last words or not [spoiler: they are].

    1. Johan Backes

      You may have to look up a few words but there are some real gems in this list considering we are looking at the last reported words spoken to and by JFK [scripted naturally]

      Rearranging the letters of ‘Mr. President, you can’t say Dallas doesn’t love you’ gives:

      “Lustrous moneyspinners advocate dead loyalty.”
      “Ravenous loyalty prints money dead outclassed.”
      “Treasonously sully advocate prints money dead.”
      “Sleepily advocate monstrously tyrannous dead.”
      “Tortuously leaderless video-nasty and company”
      “Statesmanly and supinely overacted odorously.”
      “Today superscandalously loony advertisement.”
      “Superscandalously devastated loony enormity.”
      “Veraciously stampeded dolorously. Nanny state.”
      “Unvaliantly respected treasonously. Doomsday.”
      “Nonadventurously castrate sleepily. Doomsday.”
      “Marvelously saddened spontaneously. Atrocity.”
      “Prayerlessly convulsed doomsday attenuation.”
      “Tyrannical desperados venomously steady lout.”
      “Statesmanly and supinely overacted odorously.”
      “Tolerantly advocate doomsday nurses supinely.”
      “Actor innovates treasonously muddy pleasedly.”
      “Supinely enslaved amorously dead, snotty actor.”
      “Supinely slander amorously devastated tycoon.”
      “Dead morosity enslaves tyrannously copulated.”
      “Dead conspire venomous assault trendy loyalty.”
      “Tyrannously advocate sleepily monstrous dead.”
      “Unpiously overacts tonelessly mandatory dead.”

      And Mr President has some great anagrammed replies with his last words;

      Rearranging the letters of ‘That’s very obvious’ gives:

      “TV history above us.” -TV history is realer than you
      “Hooey! Stab virus TV.”
      “A TV hit! Voyeurs Sob” -cry for your show
      “Shot TV saviour bye.”
      “Shoot! A virus TV bye.”
      “SOS! TV voyeur Habit.” -its habit forming
      “Shoot! via TV buyers.”
      “TV saviour bye host.”
      “Abuse ivory TV host.” -kill whitey
      “Bravo! Oy! TV uses hit.” – Zionist TV ratings
      “Yahoo! Best virus TV.”
      “Shoot! Visa TV buyer.”
      “Visa sooth TV buyer.” -go shopping youll feel better
      “Stab ivory TV house.” -whitehouse
      “Basis? TV over youth.” -counterculture agenda
      “Soviet, brash TV you.” -real fascists run the netorks
      “Brash soviet you TV.”
      “Oh! Sober TV suavity.”
      “Stay survive booth.” -john wilkes booth ref?
      “SOS! Brave hit you TV” -the big lie is impressive

      Enjoy the redux!

  2. Blue Moon

    I first saw this clip within the nine plus hour video “Evidence of Revision”, an exhaustive look at the Kennedy(s) and King killings- There is a gold mine of archival footage in that behemoth with, I’ll wager, more than a few obvious giveaways to find and deconstruct-
    As for the arc of the Kennedy saga, it began with Joe Kennedy Jr. “disappearing” on a secret flight during WWII (How many banksters of the stature of Joe Sr. let their kids see dangerous action during war time? Answer: None) Almost 20 years later, JFK disappears- Whatever protection program they were using, it worked- The arc concluded with JFK Jr. also disappearing on a dark and stormy flight-

  3. khammad

    At 3:10 in the JFK pre-show video, the news reporter is talking about the President William McKinley assassination in 1901 –

    “Oddly enough the assassination attempt was staged in the Temple of Music. Quite an ironical note and there was a quiet Bach sonata being playing in the background when the two fatal shots rang out.”

    There are so many weird things about this sentence, but let’s pick just one.

    Notice the phrasing for the 1901 presidential assassination ….“assassination attempt was staged” … staged. Here is what “staged” means:

    • put on
    • put before the public
    • present a performance of (a play or other show).
    • “the show is being staged at the Goodspeed Opera House”
    Source: Google Dictionary

    Regardless of googles definition, in no way does “staged” mean “unplanned” or “just happened to have occurred”. Is it conspiracy candy to put words and phrases into broadcasts of significance that seem to say the opposite of their message?

  4. or e bil

    And at his well publicized “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” bash, the emcee announces “Mr. President… the late Marilyn Monroe” a few months prior to her alleged overdose.

  5. Hoi Polloi

    This is huge. It blows so many shills and pundits out of the water. In general, what we talk about in the CluesForum and Fakeologist online communities is this kind of thing. But how can we reach more people when they are so closed to this level of re-examination of unexamined assumptions?

    Anyway, thanks for re-re-posting. I wish more people will wake up.

  6. richard benedict

    I have been coming here since Sandy Hook. This is perhaps the beautiful post yet. I saw a shorten version in the documentary Final 24 Hours of Kennedy a few weeks ago. At that that time I thought this was troubling evidence. Before the video I was 60/40. Now this seals the deal for me. Well done Ab.

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