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9/11 preshow: the Versailles wedding disaster

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Similar to the JFK prescript, we have this highly suspicious event that has all the features of a hoax (dusty people, occult numerology, endless emotional victim stories).

I believe that Israelis are the victims of some of the most frequent and over the top psyop hoaxes anywhere. Psyops may be the glue that holds their tenuous state together. It’s for this reason that they have some of the best psyop producers, and figure more disproportionately to their population when analyzing the key figures in psyops globally.


The Versailles wedding hall (Hebrew: ????? ??????), located in Talpiot, Jerusalem, is the site of the worst civil disaster in Israel’s history. At 22:43 on May 24, 2001, during the wedding of Keren and Asaf Dror, a large portion of the third floor of the four-story building collapsed. As a result, 23 people fell to their deaths through two stories, including the groom’s 80-year-old grandfather and his three-year-old second cousin, the youngest victim. Another 380 were injured, including the bride who suffered serious pelvic injuries that required surgery.[1] Asaf, who escaped serious injury, carried her in his arms from the rubble.[2]

Wedding Day Dance floor Collapses as 300 People D…:

Structural failure:
Versailles Wedding Hall Collapse:

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For your favourite engineer

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These 9/11 centric podcasts are controlled opposition,  but they’re still on my listen list for their many clues and tips.  Don’t forget they’re only 2977 vicsims away from fakeologist.com‘s position.

I didn’t know the term engineer was related to the engine of war. 

This audio also inspires my next post.

This show was broadcast December 4, 2014. It is now archived here Use Player Coming up today and every Thursday at 7:00 pm Pacific 10:00 pm Eastern 03:00 GMTWill be archived here after the broadcast by Friday. Roland Angle on 9/11 Truths Importance for the Engineering Profession Roland Angle is an engineer with more than forty years of experience in civil and military design, analysis and construction. Hes also a former green beret who received training in the use of explosives to destr

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