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  1. Blue Moon

    My default position is that a few unsolved deaths are assigned, sometimes to real killers, as a way for the police to balance their books and look like they are solving crimes (Their real job is to sell drugs, shake down businesses and suppress dissent)- The pliant press will aid in creating a serial killer legend around a pliant criminal who will take the blame (ie, Albert Di Salvo) and then become an inside asset and informer- However, the famous killers who get the biggest legends crafted for them will inevitably have military/government backgrounds and either be “executed” (Bundy) when their assignment is up, or be “killed” in a prison dust up (Dahmer)- The overall plan is of course is to get the women, whom these psy-ops are aimed at, to be in a constant state of anxiety and develop a complex neurosis against men, not get involved and not reproduce- Just one part of the herd thinning agenda-


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