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What a lousy pilot

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This story seems rife with problems and clues that make it look like a psyOp hoax. Not that I plan on digging too deep, but the fact that the same entity was involved in another crash coming into the same airport is quite the coincidence.

Don’t expect many if any details to come out of any future “investigation”.

Health Decisions of Durham, North Carolina, in a news release identified Dr. Michael Rosenberg as one of the three on the plane who was killed.

According to a government official, Rosenberg was a pilot who crashed a different plane in Gaithersburg in March 2010. That plane was also heading to the Montgomery County Airpark; however, it’s unclear if Rosenberg was piloting the plane that crashed Monday.

via 6 killed when plane crashes into Montgomery County house | Maryland News – WBAL Home.

If this is another hoax, it just shows you how drills are used to manufacture news. I used to worry that there was just too much bad news, but now, knowing so much is manufactured, I worry that there is too much fake news, which of course has the same effect on the masses’ collective psyche.

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Don’t touch that banana

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Another great call hosted by Chris. Lots of 9/11 talk in the first hour.


Not sure if the monkey experiment is true. skeptics.stackexchange.com/que…

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* Podcast Feed: Hoax Busters

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