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When? Thu Dec 11, 2014 7:11pm EST

Who? K and Aral Sea

John Lennon media event


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  1. farcevalue

    I was always curious about the line in A Day in the Life: “And though the news was rather sad, I just had to laugh, I saw the photograph.” When analyzed from a fakeology perspective, it makes sense. Was this an early expose of contrived sad stories being supported by fake imagery?

    Perhaps or perhaps not, but from now on the line will be more consonant than dissonant to my ear whenever I hear it.

  2. Blue Moon

    This is largely trivia but back in the mid 70’s ABC was still the weak sister of the big three TV broadcast networks, though they did have one bona fide hit on their hands, Monday Night Football- The color commentator in the booth was Howard Cosell, a sometimes divisive figure who originally made his name being the foil of Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali back in the ‘60’s- By the mid ‘70’s, Cosell was largely a figure of fun but he had crossover appeal and ABC, attempting to expand that appeal, gave Cosell a Saturday night variety show to host, al a’ Ed Sullivan- It was called Saturday Night Live With Howard Cosell and with massive hype attending the inaugural show, Cosell/ABC rolled out the Bay City Rollers for their American debut (singing “Saturday Night”, a song likely written for this show)- It was a ham fisted attempt to recreate Sullivan’s historic debut of the Beatles back in ’64 and the whole enterprise did a face plant- I was a junior in high school at the time and me and my Beatlemaniac friends could see right through this dog and pony act- The critics yawned and Cosell remained unperturbed and returned to the MNF booth- The laughing stock that this show was soon inspired the producer of the other Saturday Night Live show, Lorne Michaels, to call his troupe The Not Ready For Prime Time Players in humorous response to Cosell’s troupe being billed as The Prime Time Players- The Rollers lingered a bit but what was by then clear was the fact that the Beatle/Monkees model had clearly starved to death- It would take a couple of years for Britain to re-infect the airwaves with punk and new wave but targeting teenage girls wouldn’t get going in earnest again until the boy band craze branched out from its beta version, Menudo- (Aren’t you glad you lived so long?)

  3. Blue Moon

    Here’s a unique take on the John Lennon murder show: mileswmathis.com/lennon.pdf
    The author does use facial analysis, but not in the fashion of the Goldbugger- He even addresses Goldbug near the end of the paper and he’s “well aware” of the dismissals he will get because of this approach, but states correctly that GB is an Intel tool- The punch line is that Lennon is alive and well near the Detroit/Toronto area and lives as a Lennon impersonator named Mark Staycer(!!!)-
    If you aren’t convinced (I’m on the fence) just his breakdown of the Sgt. Pepper album cover is fascinating on its own (Its around page 30)

    1. Hoi Polloi

      I am liking his writing style so far. I am prepared to be either taken for a ride or actually slightly convinced. So far, I disagree with some of the Staycer-Lennon comparisons, but it could be make up causing discrepancies. I think we should definitely try to find this film and give John Lennon the attention he clearly wants back again in his old age. 🙂

    2. ab Post author

      I’m not convinced they’d leave a John Lennon copy out there in plain site. I’ve watched some of the Mark Staycer videos and I’m not convinced that it’s him. I am comfortable with the fact that if they switched out Paul at least once, they could have done the same with the John Lennon entity. I did see the terrible indie movie Let Him Be, which was a John Lennon chaser movie with terrible acting. Look it up if desperate for a movie.

      1. Blue Moon

        I wouldn’t say he’s in plain site- I’d never heard of this guy or the film from five years ago until a few weeks ago- It might, I say might, be a litmus test to see what the reaction to a celeb death being revealed as a hoax could be to the larger population- After all, studying the public’s reactions is a major objective of these psy-ops- To a great many people Jesus H. Christ has been outed as not only not murdered by the state but not a real person at all- Some of these peace-nik martyrs like Lennon and King and the Kennedy’s not being as dead as they were supposed to be falls into this category- And Aralsea did say there ain’t that much out there on Lennon’s murder so maybe leaking the Staycer persona is designed to get traction on this rather dormant psy-op that may still have some juice- As for Mathis, the bulk of his energy seems to be directed towards physics and math(is?) somewhat like Simon’s pursuit of astrophysics- I don’t know if the guy is legit, but he’s the most provacative and entertaining writer out there- His Lincoln hoax paper nearly got me in a fist fight at work so he’s doing something, right or wrong-


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