Witnesses are mostly useless

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… and those who write our know this and exploit their fake witnesses with their confusing and conflicting testimony every time. This makes their roles believable and helps enhance the reality of the psyop.

When I was a young university student in a large sociology class in criminology, the Professor told us that we were going to participate in an experiment on the reliability of witnesses, and that we should come to the next class with five dollars.


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1 thought on “Witnesses are mostly useless

  1. lux

    But, there is a fallacy here. The students are not witnesses to the alleged events depicted in the film. They are only witnesses to the showing of “a grainy, amateurish, thirty-second film” in a large classroom. A film, by the way, that we are not shown and have no idea how badly done it is.

    Watching a film doesn’t make one a witness to anything except the flickering images of the film. Just like the dolts who think they witnessed 9/11 because they “watched it on TV,” the author of this article has made a fallacious logical leap condemning all “witnesses” based on an invalid test.

    Had the participants of this event actually been present and staged their little scenario in front of the students it would have far better. I wonder how many students in such a test would still fail to see the banana?


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