Amber dreams

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The Amber Alert issued by Niagara Regional Police in southern Ontario this morning has been cancelled.Police say two little girls, Ekaterina Martinovs, 5, and Anastasia Martinovs, 3, have been “successfully” located and reunited with their father.Their mother, Julia Martinovs, 29, has been taken into custody and police say their investigation in continuing.

Amber Alert cancelled after missing Ontario girls reunited with father - The Globe and Mail

fuzzy picture – and a recent picture – when did she lose custody? details don’t matter in hoax stories.

via Amber Alert cancelled after missing Ontario girls reunited with father – The Globe and Mail.

I put my comments at the end of this post to see if you’re interested.How does this post relate to fakeology? Let me meander to how.

My day starts early, and some of my first messaging is first in the dark, being greeted by one of Ontario’s huge telescreens. Today I am told to concern myself with an Amber Alert, which of course is a program to help rescue stolen children. An immediate review of this program almost always reveals a custody dispute between parents. It’s for this reason that I chose to resist tuning to the recommended radio station. Even police hate to get involved in domestic disputes, so why should I care?

When back near a portable telescreen, I noted that the alert was called at 3:30am. Then I read the girls were abducted at 5:30pm the previous night. Why the time gap? For a mother not to have access to her children, she’d have to be a physical threat to them. 20 minutes would be too long to wait in this case, wouldn’t it? The 3:30am reference has since been redacted, digitally erased before I could capture it. (When you read morning stories, note that no story is probably true if it happens at 3:30am – the deadest hour of the day).

A cursory review of the very sparse story reveals a very fuzzy picture, a tell-tale sign of . It looks recent, if the children are 3 and 5. When exactly did the woman lose custody, or access at all? See, I am getting too interested in a story that is clearly meant to add to the strategy of tension, and of course test the emergency system that it is part of (ie. another drill, another tell-tale sign of fakery).

Hours later, we see the story has been redacted and even shrunk to a few insignificant lines in the digital aether. I can’t be bothered to screencap the stories anymore, as sheer exhaustion from the amount of fakery makes it a pointless task.

In a sad way, perhaps this is one story proving it’s good that most people aren’t aware of . If they were, they’d ignore it – forever. If a real child was abducted, then this program would be useless.


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2 thoughts on “Amber dreams

  1. aralsea

    My thoughts virtually the same. I heard the story on the radio and wondered as to why I need to care about the plight of children I have never and most likely never will meet.

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