NAS and 9/11

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Zach lays out all the numerology around a commonly promoted themed group/album. All this is part of the 9/11 story – a military media hoax so big and well planned that it could not have been a series of a million coincidences, including all this conspiracy candy.

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1 thought on “NAS and 9/11

  1. Cobra Commander

    I don’t think he really understands that he is used as a puppet. I’ve followed him since 1993/1994. I think he he believes he is helping the world, like most “conscious rappers” that are really just puppets. He’s just not awake.

    Immortal Technique is a very intriguing rapper, and is the closest we have in the media fakery conscious artists department. His song “4th Branch” touches the evil within the MSM and fakery, plus he states that the talking heads on the news are military. He also has a song called “Bin Laden” where in the chorus the line “Bush knocked down the towers”. Another song worth a listen is Rich Man’s World. He won’t state what theory he is behind, because he probably knows and knows that even though he is an Indy label artist, he may have distribution problems if he calls 9/11 fakery. He just discusses the first responders health issues, which could be true since the towers were filled with asbestos. The things that upset me is he has been on Alex Jones show and RT. He could be a disinformation shill, but I don’t think so considering the “4th Branch” song touches an issues most of the shills won’t discuss. He is somebody everybody here should check out. At least the 3 songs I listed. I’d love to see Ab do a blog post about Immortal Technique, and I’d really would love to see Ab interview him in a podcast to see where he stands and discuss the media fakery topic in the interview. He’s open to interviews, and is one of the most popular independent artists in all of music. If he could be pushed toward our investigations and he make a song about September Clues & fakery in a track, he could probably open the minds of a lot of people.

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