Nico (911 noplaner) meets Chris

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I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this,  mainly because Nico has a thick accent that’s almost impossible to understand. I have not researched Nico too much,  but understand that he was an original no planes at the WTC character and attached a crazy persona to the theory, a to discredit anyone leaning towards that theory.

In this call he wants to explain his 0;humans are only 365 years old” research.

He did mention fakeologist, but I couldn’t make out what he said.

thread on Nico:…

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1 thought on “Nico (911 noplaner) meets Chris

  1. UNreal

    I really enjoyed this show, although the audio could have been better. the subject of fake ‘his-story’ is quite intriguing,, if the PRC fiddles with archeology as we can suspect is the case with the Dinosaurs, what else have they altered ? are the hieroglyphs in Egypt and the Colosseum in Rome authentic ?

    todays foremost ‘chronological’ revisionist is Anatoli Fomenko, who cites evidence from ancient astronomy, linguistics and cartography as proof that historical dates are horribly wrong,,,
    on this very topic i really enjoyed an older interview with Florin Diacu “The Lost Millennium” from Redice (Florin Diacu is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Victoria, Canada)

    there is a thread on CluesForum on the subject on the shill/no shill status of Nico Haupt HERE.
    can’t say i’m familiar with Haupt, but Chris Kendall does a great job in keeping the conversation on the right track (not considering Haupt’s audion & accent).

    well worth a listen, and REALLY worth investigating….

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