Wells on the politicians

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Couldn’t resist this little audio clip. All the world is a stage.


Orson had the best voice. He seemed to have exited the world cleanly (and coincidentally) – he did an interview on the top talk show and up and died hours later. Say your piece and get off the world stage, I say.

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2 thoughts on “Wells on the politicians

  1. el sushi de la mancha

    ” (…) Actors are neither men neither women. Actors belong to a third sex. Actors are actors. And one aspect of it is the political game, but that kind of acting is not lying, as long as it refers to and reflects and exhausts the essential commonly held ideals of our culture, those performances are part of our culture even though there are performances, even though some of these actors themselves may be cynical about their performances…but what we have now cannot be excused (…)”. Brilliant statement Mr. Welles.

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