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Slick new 9/11 controlled opposition series

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My little blog is really trying to keep track and promote a small group of posters and promoters of the most likely scenario describing 9/11 in one easy to read place. If only I had the time and talents to create a very slick Hollywool style vid like this (where apparently part 2 is coming next week).

One must ask why has the team behind the BetsyLee operation is suddenly revving it up for 9/11? It’s not even an anniversary. While I admit the DEW or directed energy weapon, coupled with the Tesla mystery series, had me going strong right after the nuke theory scared my pants off, it seems these two cards are the only ones left in the 9/11 hoax management deck.

The cluesforum.info card still trumps them all. It’s a card that works in every 9/11 card game, and all the matches since then.

Cluesforum thread on Betsy McGee: www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic….

Simon comments: plus.google.com/10659608566892…, Team Betsy responds with ad hominem attacks (similar to the Fetzer team):

Betsy McGee

Dec 14, 2014

+simonshack You “hollow towers” and “no one died” and “it was all CGI” people need to jump off the nearest tall building and stop deceiving people.  You pop up every time I do a 9/11 video and make fools of yourself.  You’re disgusting lowlifes, and your “evidence” is ridiculous.  You’d better hope I never get time to expose your stupidity, because it will be one of the easiest projects I’ve ever DONE.


Dec 14, 2014

+Betsy McGee  Betsy Mc Gee wrote:
” You’d better hope I never get time to expose your stupidity, because it will be one of the easiest projects I’ve ever DONE.”Wow – you certainly sound like a pretty arrogant person, Betsy, I am not going to jump off any building for you, darling. So let’s see:  are you going to debunk the findings contained in these 89 pages – which clearly indicate that no one perished on 9/11 ? Good luck, baby:


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Pathetic 9/11 propaganda (The Interview)

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I have watched a few current movies (family commitments). I don’t know if it’s age or fakeology, but I can barely tolerate the “top” movies of the day. They are truly horrible in every way.

I watched the trailer for this movie and I wanted to run out of the theater.

There are so many elements of fakery in this story, it really boggles the mind.

They have created a fake cyber attack story, evoking a fake terror event (9/11), to create hype around a (real) movie, about a fake storyline (of course people can fathom that part) involving a fake dictator (Kim of North Korea) of a real country experiment to create poverty (I guess – I haven’t been there) to maintain a fake conflict and maintain a divided Korean peninsula.

The purported hackers behind the Sony Pictures cyber attack have issued a new warning, invoking the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to scare people from seeing The Interview.

“Soon all the world will see what an awful movie Sony Pictures Entertainment has made,” the hackers who call themselves Guardians of Peace wrote on file-sharing websites. “The world will be full of fear. Remember the 11th of September 2001.”

Hollywool is so desperate it robs its own material from its psyOps to make movies. Of course this just reinforces by contrast the psyOps being real and movies being unreal, but the intertwining maintains a sufficient blur in the subconscious to keep confusion high and understanding low.

via Sony hackers threaten 9/11 attack on movie opening | Toronto Star.

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Death cult continues media fakery madness

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In case you needed to be reminded of the recent Sandy Hoax anniversary, we have this suspicious story that’s most likely as fake as any mass killing involving children. Children and Christmas – they go together. The psychos that spin the tales and own the media seem to have a mid-December fetish to help destroy good feelings. I really doubt that any group is capable of the mass execution of children. The Taliban are clearly the new invented group to hate, the NAZIs of their region and time. To cast them as a group any less human than you or me is simply disgusting and obscene propaganda.

The fact that this happened in a far away place makes it harder to decode as fake. I wonder if there are any fakeologists within 100 miles that could help contribute to exposing this for the most likely media hoax that it is.

Media psyOp hoax terror fakery is a truly global affair – mostly likely created in only a few local psyOp factories.

PESHAWAR, Pakistan • Taliban gunmen stormed a military-run school in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar on Tuesday, killing at least 141 people, mostly children, before Pakistani officials declared a military operation to clear the school over.The overwhelming majority of the victims were students at the school, which instructs grades 1-10. Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif condemned the assault and rushed to Peshawar to show his support for the victims.As darkness fell on the area, officials said they had cleared the school of militants.A Pakistani military spokesman, Asim Bajwa, said 141 people died in the attack — 132 children and nine staff members. He declared the operation over and said the area had been cleared. An additional 121 students and three staff members were wounded.

via Peshawar school attack’s horrific toll: At least 141 massacred — 132 of them children.

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Hoi on protests

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Another deep piece by Hoi on protests and the nature of human organization.

I was at a protest in 2008 to support some friends putting on the thing against the GOP Republicrats gathering. At the time, I was pretty inexperienced in things of this nature, but even I could see something was fishy about the way the event played out.

via View topic – Minor Media Stories: Theater of the Absurd • Cluesforum.info.

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