Slick new 9/11 controlled opposition series

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My little blog is really trying to keep track and promote a small group of posters and promoters of the most likely scenario describing in one easy to read place. If only I had the time and talents to create a very slick Hollywool style vid like this (where apparently part 2 is coming next week).

One must ask why has the team behind the BetsyLee operation is suddenly revving it up for 9/11? It’s not even an anniversary. While I admit the DEW or directed energy weapon, coupled with the Tesla mystery series, had me going strong right after the nuke theory scared my pants off, it seems these two cards are the only ones left in the management deck.

The card still trumps them all. It’s a card that works in every 9/11 card game, and all the matches since then.

thread on Betsy McGee:….

Simon comments:…, Team Betsy responds with ad hominem attacks (similar to the Fetzer team):

Betsy McGee

Dec 14, 2014

+simonshack You 0;hollow towers” and “no one died” and “it was all CGI” people need to jump off the nearest tall building and stop deceiving people.  You pop up every time I do a 9/11 video and make fools of yourself.  You’re disgusting lowlifes, and your “evidence” is ridiculous.  You’d better hope I never get time to expose your stupidity, because it will be one of the easiest projects I’ve ever DONE.


Dec 14, 2014

+Betsy McGee  Betsy Mc Gee wrote:
” You’d better hope I never get time to expose your stupidity, because it will be one of the easiest projects I’ve ever DONE.”Wow – you certainly sound like a pretty arrogant person, Betsy, I am not going to jump off any building for you, darling. So let’s see:  are you going to debunk the findings contained in these 89 pages – which clearly indicate that no one perished on 9/11 ? Good luck, baby:


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3 thoughts on “Slick new 9/11 controlled opposition series

  1. simonshack

    The problem with shills such as this “Betsy-come-lately” is that they necessarily have to repeat the same old and lame schemes as their predecessors: ad hominem attacks, straw-man arguments and vapid dismissals is all they have.

    ACE! GOLD! GEE!…

    But, as Hoi says, we’re getting used to it – aren’t we?

    A big hug to all good fakeologists – and apologies for having been a bit MIA (Missing In Action) over here lately (mostly due to musical reasons). I love you all.


  2. Cobra Commander

    Hahaha! Betsy was obviously referring to me when I exposed her for being a shill on her most famous video. She argued that all the victims were shopped out from what I understand her point being the families wanted photos of their loved ones alone, which enticed me to find who I refer to as Charlie Checkers and his horribly photoshopped in daughter Elastigirl on page 89 of the memorial scams thread. Her only response to me after proving she was dead wrong was “Agree to disagree” , which pretty much shows she is a half-truth shill that got exposed for her BS research, and used that line to diffuse me exposing her further. I think it’s laughable for someone like herself that bases most of her research off theories instead of facts to insult the solid research done at cluesforum.

    Btw… I’m pretty sure I mentioned I was going to create a thread in the “Truthers & Shills” section of cluesforum on page 89 of the memorial scams thread, and Betsy McGee just happened to be that shill I was mentioning.

    Anybody interested in seeing this shill expose herself, check out the comments in her 30 minute Family Guy video.

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