Hoax admission, but only one level

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This story is now being circulated as a admitted hoax. The hoax is allegedly all executed by one crafty 17 year old. I submit that there is no 17 year old, and it’s actually a hoax within a hoax, ie. a multi-layer psyOp. While the average shitizen can be believe the stoopid media can be tricked, the average citizen will not believe that the military media created the whole double whammy to make its media look stoopid.

New York Magazine has egg on its face after a story claiming that a 17-year-old Stuyvesant High School student made $72 million on the stock market. Within a day, the New York Observer had debunked the story, revealing that the actual amount the student made was $0. The kid hadn’t even done any real trades, only simulated ones for the school’s investment club.

via The Teenage Stock Market Genius Who Made $72 Million.

The purpose is of course to confuse and keep the average media consumer on edge and spinning. Propaganda will never let your mind rest, especially since (I hope) more and more are questioning the increasing audacity of the stories, like the silly Aussie one:

The remaining hostages were able to make a break for the exit of the cafe about 2am after the gunman began to fall asleep – more than 16 hours after he took 17 people captive.  



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