I have a fakeologist mindset

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Dave is way out (in space) with some of his beliefs,  but he implies he has the fakeologist mindset. Slowly the fakeologist term is leaking into the lexicon. Let’s see how long it holds respect. With Brian Stavely and Connie Robasco.


* Show Notes: recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-118…

* Podcast Feed: Out Of Darkness, Into The Light

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4 thoughts on “I have a fakeologist mindset

  1. Blue Moon

    I worship at the temple of Imagination and his twin sister, Intuition- So, I’m all for “wonder”- I’m also glad to hear Brian S. is back in the game- However, I’ll stick to Newtonian basics for the time being- The Vril Society greatest hits package just isn’t my cup of meat-
    From Wackypedia:
    Willy Ley was a German rocket engineer who had emigrated to the United States in 1937. In 1947, he published an article entitled “Pseudoscience in Naziland” in the science fiction magazine Astounding Science Fiction.[12] He wrote that the high popularity of irrational convictions in Germany at that time explained how National Socialism could have fallen on such fertile ground. Among various pseudo-scientific groups he mentions one that looked for the Vril: “The next group was literally founded upon a novel. That group which I think called itself Wahrheitsgesellschaft—Society for Truth—and which was more or less localised in Berlin, devoted its spare time looking for Vril.”

  2. Contrarious

    Thanks for the link Ab, well we may not believe in outer space around here but we don’t have a problem with saying we’re far out, that’s for sure. I actually linked this “far out, man!” pic with the last show I posted on Facebook…so yea we definitely think we’re out there in the beyond somewhere 🙂 Here’s one of a number of links to the December 10th podcasts with Brian Staveley and Justin Cooke: www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/… OR: podbay.fm/show/558337637
    Apparently we have the only podcasts on Concave cosmologies and Skycentrism right now if anyone’s interested and we’ll be uploading some raw audio files that need to be edited on that subject soon. The cosmology files in Room 2 will be enhanced and uploaded into Rooms 1 and 3 when the audio guy gets around to it: podbay.fm/show/558339841
    We also have three links on iTunes where the sound quality is better: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ou…

    Anyway keep up the good work, enjoy listening to the show!


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