Cloud behind the moon

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3 thoughts on “Cloud behind the moon

  1. khammad

    I had challenged myself to see if I could find any clouds behind the moon. As of yet, I have seen none.

    I have watched several youtube videos which appear to demonstrate this phenomenon.

    All of the cloud behind the moon videos that I have watched only show very thin layers of clouds that appear to move behind the moon, not thick hearty layers of clouds.

    It seems to me that a thin layer of clouds is naturally see-through given the fact that the very bright full moon is shining through it.

    The transparent nature of a thin layer of clouds seems to be giving the optical illusion that the moon is behind the clouds, when in fact what is happening is that the bright light of sun is not dimming when the clouds move in front of it.

    You can try this at home. Get a flashlight and some lace. Go to a dark place, turn on the flashlight and place the lace directly over the light-emitting end of the flashlight. Place this assembly at the opposite end of the room, light facing out. Will you be able to see the threads where the flashlight is shining through the lace? Or will all the material be whited out because of the brightness of the flashlight?

    A fair comparison can be made between flashlight-through-lace and moonlight-through-clouds because it can demonstrate the validity of a principle, which is when light gets bright enough it can make objects appear to disappear.

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