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Hoax-lahoma Bombing

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Little doubt in mind that the Oklahoma City Bombing was a mini 9/11 event complete with crisis actors,  a drill,  and many mysterious unsolved stories of dead “witnesses”.  Perhaps it wasn’t big enough to expose the whole concept of psyop hoaxes like 9/11.


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Howard Stern is a 9/11 idiot savant

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I’ll reiterate that Howard Stern introduced me to 9/11 fakeology, so I have a sick sense of loyalty and still listen to him via torrents (I cannot pay for the satellite radio fraud). Since I’m more likely to listen to fakeologist podcasts than Stern, I am behind in my listening (and out of chronology). His Dec. 17 2014 show (download torrent via this page) starts off on a rant outlining his displeasure with someone’s opinion on the psyOp/hoax of the week, the North Korean movie/Sony hacker f/Obama story.

Howard Stern said on his SiriusXM show Monday that the Sony hackers should be considered to be terrorists and what they did was “no different than a 9/11-type attack.” He wasn’t minimizing 9/11 or disrespecting victims – I listened to the show – but New York Daily News reporters David Boroff and Nancy Dillon took offense and went after Stern in today’s paper.

Let me make this clear to new readers: Howard Stern is a servant of the media. He owes his existence to the benefactors that give him a voice. The dues he must pay for his pole position is to help perpetuate the fraud that 9/11 was a real event. By mixing the 9/11 hoax in with another hoax, he is reinforcing a myth that this site and cluesforum.info have debunked as false. He is a servant of a media that is as controlled and planned out as any Soviet media was portrayed to be. The media, an arm of the military, is there to appear to provide both sides of an argument, when really they’re working on a common goal – your deception. By mixing a majority percentage of false stories with a few real ones, you can never know for certain what’s real, and what’s not.

This story is yet another false outrage, on top of a false story, about a false major event, featuring a false enemy abroad. How is it possible for the average shitzen to think straight? No wonder fakeologists are accused of thinking everything is fake!

via » [UPDATED] Howard Stern blasts New York Daily News for criticizing his Sony hack remarks JIMROMENESKO.COM.

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