ep130-Year End Wrap Up

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When? Saturday, Dec 27, 2014 9:11pm EST

What? Let’s go through the year’s (build the list up at histogram.fakeologist.com please)

Who? Peter from Switzerland, Red Pill, Shad Omar, Edmund, Mark Manual




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12 thoughts on “ep130-Year End Wrap Up

  1. Blue Moon

    Great to hear new voices- Ab, you were in fine fettle despite your cold- As for who is talking about OJ Simpson, here’s another paper by Miles Mathis on the very subject of a fake trial and, of course, fake murders- As with his John Lennon paper, he does facial analysis though it is in no way Goldbuggery- The section on Marcia Clarke blew my mind completely and utterly- mileswmathis.com/oj.pdf

  2. Hoi Polloi

    Eric Dollard — the “sun is hollow” guy — is a pretty suspicious guy, despite being an intriguing scientist. He may be a genuine parasite on his own, or he may be encouraged in some way to act as one. If you look into his recent history with people, you will see that he has apparently been extremely abusive towards people who wish to help him. You can chalk this up to the nature of genius, if you wish. Or perhaps it’s some kind of attempt to discredit him, but I am leaning towards the notion that he genuinely is a bigoted jerk.

    I agree with the sentiment that we should have more specialists (who strongly suspect something based on their own experience, that goes against the grain) come forward. We can also hope they are not all as toxic to fellow humans as Eric Dollard is. That kind of antisocial behavior serves as a road block for average people. Sometimes I wonder if this is on purpose. It makes good research seem toxic. Is Eric Dollard the sole owner of his discoveries? What motivates someone so obnoxious to spread the work? Is it for the good of humankind?

  3. Hoi Polloi

    “This video contains content from UMPG Publishing,
    who has blocked it on copyright grounds.”

    Can’t view the video because of this funny little thing. Looks like you need a broadcast license to use the music you selected, folks. Maybe we’d better stick to local artists who give their permission.

    Anybody want to kick out some jams to use in the future?

    1. ab Post author

      Working here now in Canada. I thought the music would bother youtube after I played it.

      I simply acknowledged the fact that there is copyrighted music and they let it go as far as
      I can tell.

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